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Have a vacuum that smells foul? Your vacuum cleaner is supposed to make your home smell better with each clean. However, problems can start when the vacuum itself starts to stink. When your vacuum becomes dirty, it will begin to release a foul odor that will spread all over your home whenever you turn it on. Bad smells from vacuum cleaners can stem from several causes. That can be moldy coffee grinds in bag, to dirt and pet hair.

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By keeping the insides of your vacuum cleaner clean, you will be able to prevent it from starting to smell bad. Furthermore, if you would like your vacuum to release a good smelling scent every time that you use it, then here are some ways you can do so with little to no effort. If you’re wondering “why does my vacuum smell?” or that your vacuum smells like a dog, be sure to read on.

Our Guide

Step 1: Empty or Change the Bag

replacing the bag

If your vacuum uses a bag, check that and make sure to empty it often. When your vacuum begins to stink, a vacuum bag filled with dirt is often the culprit. On the other hand, if your vacuum has no bag, make sure to empty the canister. Thoroughly cleanse the vacuum filters in soapy water. Make sure you allow the filters to be completely dry before you put the vacuum back together. 

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Step 2: Do a thorough clean

If your vacuum stinks after this still, then try completely taking apart the vacuum . Look for blockages of dirt (like coffee from Jura A1) that could be the cause for the smell. If you have pets, then this may be the cause for the smell. Pet hair might be clogging up the internal valves of the smelly vacuum cleaner, causing a smell. Take out any blockages that you find. 

Step 3

Create a mixed solution of water and baking soda. Then, use this solution to clean out your vacuum cleaner’s canisters, filters, and hose.

After using the solution, rinse them with water. Use a clean cloth to dry your plastic or metal items and allow your filter to air dry. Then, put your vacuum cleaner back together. 

Step 4

Another life hack is inserting either a dryer sheet or a piece of orange peel into the new vacuum cleaner bag. Do this through the connecting hole between the bag and the vacuum. If your vacuum is a canister model without a bag, then you can stash the sheet or orange peel in the filter cavity. Whenever you use your vacuum, a fresh scent will spread all over your home. 

You can also use vanilla extract or orange and sprinkle it onto a paper towel as an alternative. Next, take that paper towel and vacuum it up. You can also spread spices like ground cinnamon or potpourri on the ground and vacuum it up as usual. Any of these options that you take should leave your home smelling fresh and clean. 

Step 5: Change the filters replace the filter

A great way to insure that the interior of your vacuum cleaner is completely clean is to thoroughly clean the filters. Your vacuum has filters inside which has the job of keeping allergens, dust, and dirt from escaping their confinement going back into the vacuumed environment. However, these filters do get old and it is important to change them. Should I Vacuum or Dust First?

These filters are vital to the vacuum so it is imperative that you do not buy the cheap ones. You should be changing your filters every 3-12 months.

Step 6: Use Perfume Pads

You can and should also incorporate perfume pads into your vacuuming job. If you haven’t tried this yet, then it is something that you should look into. When it comes to getting rid of bad smells, using scented pads might be one of your best options.

Personally, I prefer oceanic or tropical smelling scents, because I think that they last longer. However, there are many other options that you can choose from. It’s a great idea to try out different options to find the one that you like the most. A great idea is to ask your family members which scent that they prefer. This will not only make it easier to decide on a scent, but you will also make everyone happy with what they smell and you won’t risk irritating someone.

Although some scents will last longer than others, the effect is pretty much the same. The way perfume pads work is by placing them on the top filter of your vacuum cleaner. Once you turn the vacuum on, it will release a clean and fresh scent that you like. 

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If your vacuum cleaner is smelling hot or electrical then this is a sign that the electrical cord could be faulty. This is a fire hazard and could also pose a risk of electrical shock which is both dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. Instead of examining the cord yourself, call an electric technician to look at it before using it again.

Also, do not sprinkle dark spices directly on your carpet, as this could permanently stain it. You can try vinegar though. Do not forget to regularly maintain your vacuum cleaner. By making sure that vacuum is in good working condition, you will not only have a good smelling environment, but you can also ensure that your vacuum cleaner will work for a long time. We hope this guide has taught you some ideas on how to remove odors.

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