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Do you love good coffee? Are you sick of paying for coffee store quality that differs from cup to cup? What if we told you you never needed to leave your home again for a consistently amazing cup of coffee whenever you want. While it may seem too good to be true, you can forego the hectic morning coffee run and the overcharged prices in exchange for the Jura E6.

Jura E6 Features and Accessories

  • Semi-automatic bean-to-cup coffee maker
  • 15 bar pump
  • TFT color display
  • Burr Grinder integration
  • Consistent temperatures with Thermo-block heating
  • Pulse extraction process
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • CLARIS water filter
  • Automatic frothing system
  • 1.1 meter cable


  • Large display
  • Utilizes pulse extractor process
  • Easy to use
  • Milk comes out more velvety than frothy
  • Sleek black and grey aesthetic
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Large capacity
  • Relatively compact design
  • Compatible with the JOE app
  • Comes with a pound of coffee beans


  • Cannot use pre-ground coffee or pods
  • Will need to buy new filters and cleaning pods over time

Jura E6 Design and Overall Aesthetic

The Jura E6 is designed to go with most décor, with a simple black and grey finish. This is something that is worth commending considering there are a lot of coffee makers that look overly flashy and even gaudy. The E6 can sit on your kitchen counter and blend in, making it easy to fit it into any layout. The size is also worth mentioning considering how bulky coffee machines can be. It measures 28 cm (11 inches) wide, by 35.1 cm (13.8 inches) high, and 43.9 cm (17.3 inches) deep. That means you won’t have to worry about some giant clunker taking up all your counter space.

Ease of Use

The E6 is a semi-automatic coffee maker, with very little input needed from you to make the perfect cup of coffee. The machine uses a TFT color display screen to help walk you through the process. The screen will then prompt you with various menus to select everything from what drink you want, to how course you want your beans blended. While it would have been nice to see a larger display and a brighter LCD screen, the TFT does do the job and help save you some money in the long run. Overall, the E6 is easy to use and moves quickly to provide you with a great cup of coffee with minimal input on your end.


To both clean and maintain your E6, the steps are very easy. However, it is important to remember that no maintenance, or improper maintenance can cause your coffee maker to have a shorter lifespan and more issues in the long term.

To clean your E6, you should simply need to remove the drip tray and the water tank and clean them both as you would any other dish. Once dry they can be replaced on your coffee maker with the water tank refilled. Your coffee maker will let you know when it is time for any other cleaning of your E6. When this occurs, you will need to confirm the system rinse and decalcify.

You will need to add a cleaning tablet and the system will then carry out the cleaning of the internal parts. The tablets need to be of the Jura brand or approved by them to get the best results. You can read your manual for more information on what occurs during the system rinse and how it is keeping you safe and healthy.

You will also need to change the filter with the indicator shows. It is all going to depend on how often you use your coffee machine to see how often you will need to replace the filters. But you should assume a few times a year at least. Any other maintenance will be indicated via the TFT display screen.

The milk frother is a bit more tedious than the rest of the machine. This is because you are dealing with dairy, which is more prone to clogging that water or coffee. It is recommended that you soak it in hot water to loosen anything inside before giving it a good rinse. Then take a bottle brush and wash it with dish soap. If you do not tend to use the frother, you won’t have to worry about this.


Despite the smaller design, this coffee maker is still very large capacity. The water reservoir is designed to hold up to 63.6 ounces of water at a time. This translates to almost eight cups of coffee before it needs to be refilled. There are also two spouts, allowing you to make two cups of coffee at the same time. This is overall fantastic for those who have guests over or a busy household. Especially if you prefer different types of coffee.

The bean hopper is 10 ounces, allowing you to make the two cups at once, without needing to grind separate beans. All in all, you are getting a lot of volume and space for something that weighs barely over 20 pounds.


One of the reasons why we recommend the Jura E6 so highly is because of its use of PEP. PEP, or Pulse Extraction Process, is a way of extracting the flavor of the beans and maintaining that flavor throughout the coffee making process. For more aromatic coffee, better flavor, and an overall more pleasant experience, you want PEP machinery.

You can also make six different types of coffee with the E6. That means you can try something different for every work day and experiment with what you like best. Not to be compared with just any other coffee maker, you get everything from your basic brew to your perfect espresso.

Our one issue with the E6 is that you cannot use pre-ground beans in it. But that is not a total deal breaker. This is because the E6 utilizes an Aroma G3 grinder to grind down any type of coffee beans. It also only takes seconds to get the beans ground and ready to use. That means you can actually get greater variety this way and even save some money on buying pre-ground or pods. You also get to select how course or fine you want your beans to be grinded.

You can also choose the type of milk output that you want. That means you can choose to have more airy milk, or something velvety and foamier. It is all up to you and can allow you to try something different in your coffee. If you don’t want milk at all, you can also just forego that step.

What Kind of Coffee Can You Make with It?

You get buttons for the basic coffee, cappuccino and espresso. But you can technically make any type of coffee that calls for frothed milk. This includes lattes and americanos. You can really have fun with it and try new things.

How to Use It

You will need to fill the hopper with coffee beans first, locking the lid. Then you will need to add your water to the tank, making sure your water is not too hard to use in the machine. You can read more about the water hardness requirements on the Jura site or in their manual. If you want to add milk to your coffee, you can also then add it via the milk pipe. Then press the button on the TFT display that matches what drink you want to make. The machine will then take it from there.

When you first set your machine up, it will ask you to select certain programs like coffee strength and water level. You can select your preferences and then change them by going back into the Programming or Expert Mode. This will allow you to control every cup and make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

You can also control your E6 through the JOE app. This is a coffee app that allows you to control your machine and make changes to it anywhere. If you have yet to realize how amazing that is, you could have coffee ready for you as soon as you get out of bed. Simply make sure the water and beans are in place and a cup is ready to catch your morning brew.

Jura E6 vs the E8

If you are wondering why we are not praising the E8 as the newer and better model, it is because the differences are really very minimal between the two models. For example, they both have the same water capacity and TFT color display. It also has an automatic frothing system, CLARIS water filters, and use the Pulse Extraction Process. You get the basic machine, but save hundreds of dollars when you go with the E6.

The differences lie in the fact that you get a few more features with the E8. This includes a larger bean hopper, the ability to use pre-ground beans, and the fact that it is fully automated, rather than being semi-automated like the E6. Overall, the additions made to the E8 are just not substantial enough for us to consider it worth the money when you could buy the E6.

Final Verdict

While the price tag of the E6 may be a little intimidating for occasional coffee drinkers, those who need their morning joe will understand how much they will save over a lifetime. It will easily pay for itself in the first few years, and provide you with consistently great coffee any time you want. Overall, for someone who loves their coffee and drinks it every day, this is a fantastic option.

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