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If vacuuming under your bed isn’t something that you do at least twice a month, you might want to consider to start doing that now. Don’t only vacuum under your bed, but vacuum underneath all furniture where any sort of dust can collect. 

It is amazing how many people never actually clean under their beds. So much can get trapped under there from dust to food to dead bugs and hair. It can become a total mess!

This collection of stuff is the perfect place for bugs like dust mites to thrive in. On top of that, if you wake up with itchy eyes and skin you can attribute to all the dust under your bed as you are breathing that in and it is festering underneath where you sleep. It’s almost like the Boogieman…except a whole lot worse because it can great affect your health as time goes on.

Why You Should Vacuum Under A Bed

If you looked underneath your bed right now you won’t be seeing a desert oasis with a random dust bunny blowing by. In fact, you will probably be met with dust, hair, food crumbs, dead bug, and maybe some other not so appealing items. If left undisturbed, all of these items become a prime breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites, and other harmful pathogens. 

Exposing yourself to unsanitary air is not necessary. Take the time to vacuum underneath your bed, not only to retrieve your long lost sock, but to improve the overall air quality in your bedroom. 

Used Roomba

How to Clean Under the Bed

The first thing to do to keep your under bed area clean is to avoid storing items under your bed. The main reason for this is the more stuff you have accumulating under your bed the easier it is for dust and other germs to collect on those items. The extra stuff underneath your bed can also trap heat that is trying to be expelled through you mattress causing your sleep to be a discomfort. 

If there is no other option than storing items underneath your bed, be sure to use storage boxes. Using the right storage boxes makes taking them out from under your bed an easy task when you need to clean. Make sure that you wipe the collected dust off the boxes when you clean as they will collect dust too. 

The best solution to make sure underneath your bed is clean is also the simplest. To make your life just a little bit easier, consider purchasing a robot vacuum. Robot vacuum can easily fit under furniture and they can even be set at certain times to clean. It doesn’t get any easier than this to clean up underneath your bed. 

You might be thinking that robot vacuums are too expensive to even be an option. But never fear, there are quite a few options that can fit into your budget. Start out with an inexpensive one and keep saving toward one you can keep for a lifetime. 

Why Use A Robot Vacuum For Cleaning Under Furniture?

A robot vacuum or Roomba can save your back from having to bend over or move furniture. Everything can stay in its place and if your robot vacuum can fit underneath a piece of furniture, it will go and clean. 

The amazing thing about this is with some robot vacuums, you can set a cleaning schedule so that it will clean at certain times then re-dock to charge. This makes things so much more convenient as you will only have to worry about emptying the dustbin every so often.

Alternatives to Consider

Let’s say you don’t want to purchase a robot vacuum, there is another option that can help you. Check out sweepers similar to the ones used at restaurants. 

These type of sweepers work well for large items like crumbs and long hair, but they do lack the suction needed to pick up every little piece of dirt. But if you really do not desire to purchase a robot vacuum, a sweeper is a great option to consider. 

At the last resort, you could always just use your regular vacuum, move your furniture about, and clean up your under bed area. This is not very convenient though and will take up a lot of your time. Most newer vacuums do come equipped with different types of extension wands and hoses, as well as collapsible units that reach underneath your bed frame. These ergonomic vacuums will help a ton if you decide to simply use your regular vacuum to clean under your bed. 

What if your bedroom has hardwood floors? Easy. Simply, grab a blow dryer and blow all those dust bunnies out from their temporary home! Then grab your broom or Swiffer, and easily reach all the nooks and crannies that you discover. 

Overall, the robot vacuum and the sweeper are great options because they can fit into tight spaces and you don’t have to move anything when you are cleaning. 

How Often to Clean Under Your Bed?

Some people prefer to clean under their bed as a part of their weekly cleaning routine (most of these people own a robot vacuum so it is very easy to do). Doing it more than every week might not be a necessary task, though.

If you do not want to clean under your bed every single week, we recommend that you clean under the bed every 2 weeks or twice a month. Or at the very least once a month. This is not a task that can be done only once a year or even never. Especially if you struggle with allergies. Remember that the more often you take the time to actually clean under your bed, the cleaner the air you breathe will be. You’d be amazed to see how dirty it actually is under your bed. Once you do it, it will be guaranteed that your sleep will feel a whole lot better. 

Sleep Well in a Healthy Environment

Don’t let dirty air and dust become the new Boogieman that lives under your bed. You now have the why, how, and when plus all the tools necessary to vacuum under your bed for a healthier night’s sleep. Take advantage and don’t wait!

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