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Let’s face it: no one likes to clean. But it’s still something we all have to do. A big problem with cleaning properly though, is no one is quite sure how to clean different things like carpets or upholstery correctly. Some people will even wipe these objects down with water and then call it a day. 

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Unfortunately, this isn’t how you correctly clean many items, like people may expect. People think using lukewarm or cool water will clean something easily. But if that was the case, manufacturers wouldn’t suggest using Professional Hot Water Extraction to best clean carpets. 

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Hot Water Extraction – How It Works

If you were to ask a qualified manufacturer, they would tell you that this is an obvious, scientific fact. They would usually suggest hot water extraction to people due to the hot temperature of the water. 

It’s true that this water needs to be a high enough temperature that the carpet can effectively be cleaned. The true question of this remains, how hot does the temperature really need to be? While it needs to be hot enough to clean the carpet, it can’t be so hot that it reaches boiling temperature and starts to boil your rug as you’re cleaning. 

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Hear it from the Carpet Manufacturer


This company is called DuPont. It’s known to be a high quality industry and one of the most impressive carpet manufacturers worldwide. Once again, they also voice their interest in hot water extraction and expressed the importance of it. 

This manufacturer will perform this extraction to your carpet every 18 months. DuPont believes using the extraction process properly will effectively refresh the texture of your carpet, making it feel good as new.

The Carpet and Rugs –

It should be a known fact to anyone that regularly uses carpet that The Carpet and Rugs Institute recommends users should regularly utilize an efficient method to properly clean their carpet. A way to do this is by getting your carpet cleaned once every 12 to 18 months. We recommend to use Professional Hot Water Extraction.

Mohawk Carpets –

Most people would have heard of Mohawk Carpets. Similar to the aforementioned carpet manufacturers, they also agree that only the process of hot water extraction can truly keep the daily dust and dirt from forming even further beneath your rug.  

This method isn’t just recommended by these manufacturers, but by the producers of carpet fiber as well.

Shaw Industries – ShawINC

The world’s largest industry to work efficiently with carpet manufacturers is called Shaw Industries. They are now known as the renowned manufacturer for the Carpet Industry, 

Hot water extraction is something that the manufacturer of Shaw Industries highly recommends to others. In order to prove their own recommendation right, they conducted their own research regarding various carpet cleaning details. Their maintenance brochure holds the results from these studies expressed in their own words. 

The Shaw Industries manufacturer concluded that the research shows this method of using hot water extraction professional will make cleaning more efficient and competent. Although the hot water extraction process gives the illusion that it’s simply steaming the carpet, but it just so happens that no steaming is involved in the process of hot water extraction.  

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Microbiological Test

You probably know the drill by now: this man also believes in the importance and significance of using hot water extraction. The microbiological consultant, William C. McDonald, performed what’s known as a microbiological test to prove the need for hot water extraction. The results from this test stated that this method can decrease the amount of intensity that is produced by the microorganism. 

During this test, they compared the condition of the cleaning method by using a “before and after” approach. 

Theey tested mold, yeast and bacteria during this test, The results gained from it were that this cleaning process works to get rid of approximately 96% of germs living in your carpet. It can also help with foul odors. Once the carpet is cleaned with hot water extraction, all harsh chemicals will be removed from the carpets, so you won’t need to worry about that hiding in your carpet. 

Uses of Hot Water Extraction

As we read above, not just carpet owners but the manufacturers as well are aware of the importance using hot water extractions. 

Below are the benefits:

  • These extractions are made mainly with the intention of cleaning the fibers inside of the carpet. Hot water extraction works to keep fibers inside of the carpet from shrinking. This is the best way to prevent the fibers from shrinking inside of the carpet. 
  • We all know that vacuuming is an effective way to keep the outer and upper layer of your carpet clean. But how can you keep the inner layer of your carpet clean as well. When I’m vacuuming, I can’t help but think how my rug isn’t getting a very deep clean. This is actually known to be the dirtiest part. Inside cigarette smoke, dog hair and dust are all clogged up. To get all of this out, your carpets must be properly cleaned. 
  • I am of course aware that there are other methods of deep cleaning your carpet like shampooing it or dry cleaning it. When it comes to environmentally safe and efficient, this is the best method out there. 
  • Sometimes, I’ll hear people say steam cleaning is the same thing as hot water extraction. I always try to correct them, but they still don’t realize the difference. But it’s as simple as this: there is no steam located anywhere in the hot water extraction process. 

Process of Cleaning Effectively

When hot water extraction is taking place, it’s using heated water. Many believe that this heat temperature should be anywhere between 122 degrees and 448 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to add more than just water when heating this up, add a cleaning solution to the water as well. 

I’m sure a remaining question is lingering inside your head: can hot water extraction remove stains well? Yes, actually. The heat works to get rid of any carpet stains you may have. In the process I’ll outline now, you’ll notice that the equipment used is a specific type of truck-mounted equipment. Follow the method below: 

  1. Use an ALKALIEN cleaning solution on the surface of the carpet 
  2. Stir the solution very slightly with a brush you have available 
  3. Pass the cleaning solution over the carpet swiftly and thoroughly 
  4. Rinse out the pre-conditioner 
  5. Once the carpet is dried up, remember that there could be any type of moisture damage

Advantages of Hot Water Extraction

Not As Much Residue:

Some friends I know will clean their carpets using a type of powder. This method is actually not encouraged by manufacturers along with the act of dry cleaning. Powder specifically can leave disgusting residue behind.  

Using powder kind of defeats the purpose of cleaning your carpets, since the whole purpose of carpet cleaning is to get rid of residue living inside the carpet. Shampooing and dry cleaning will also leave residue behind. 

Once again, this is why hot water extraction is highly recommended. It has been proven time and again that using this method is the best way to avoid leaving residue as it leaves very little behind. 

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A True Deep Cleaning:

When I’ve asked people what they believe is the best method for deep cleaning their carpet, they have said the best and only option was to shampoo it. Some of them also recommended dry cleaning. Some use vinegar to clean. While these methods do clean well, it usually needs to be done almost every week to truly maintain clean carpets. It also isn’t proven that these methods truly clean the carpets as deep as possible. 

Down deep in the carpet are a large number of germs hidden in it. These sneaky germs can’t be cleaned with only a shampooing method. 

Even if it may seem like you’re effectively and easily cleaning these carpets by shampooing or dry cleaning, it really is only cleaning it on the surface. With the use of hot water extraction, the carpet will receive a much deeper clean. 

I always figured it wasn’t a big deal if my carpets weren’t deep cleaned. As long as the surface is cleaned regularly, it should be fine, right? Unfortunately, I was wrong. Your carpet can continue to get dirtier and dirtier if it isn’t cleaned correctly and has the potentially to pollute the air in your whole house. This is why it needs to be cleaned with hot water extraction to keep it free from dust and air pollution in your home. 


Environment Friendly:

I’m very big about using products that work to support the environment. That’s another reason why I love this method of cleaning, as manufacturers work to care for the environment when making hot water extraction. So when I’m using it, I know I’m not using anything that’s causing environmental harm.  

There are no harsh or toxic chemicals involved in hot water extractions so there isn’t any type of danger to the environment. If you have children at home, the chemicals can also hurt your kids or pets. If you use hot water extraction, your pets can roll around in it as much as they please. 

I’ve learned that every top manufacturer rated this hot water extraction as the best way to clean your carpet. I figured since they all rated it so high, the chances of it being the best cleaning method are extremely high. 

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