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Each floor type options has different requirements when it comes to care and cleanliness. Carpet and tiles seem a lot easier to manage, and in most cases they are, to those that have ever had hardwood floors. While they can be beautiful, hardwood needs a different kind of attention. They are sensitive and require special care.

Someone that has hardwood floors in their homes, needs certain cleaning tools.

Here’s the deal: there are several ways that these floors can be cleaned. You could use multiple separate cleaning supplies to do certain things for the floor’s care. Some hardwood floors you can’t mop because the water would damage the wood that the floor is made of. A regular vacuum can create scratches and scuff marks on the floor, ruining its value. A broom can never really clean as well as you want it to, even some of those higher quality specialty brooms can be a hassle to use.

The guide below has been created for those that have hardwood floors in their homes and is intended to help those homeowners find the right cordless vacuum that meets their needs and fit the environment of their home.

In the chart, you can find some of the best cordless vacuums for hardwood floors, the best components and qualities of them, and some faults that they may have. You can use this information to help you in deciding which is the right one for the hardwood floors in your home.

Vacuum Details

Hoover Linx


Can easily access hard to reach places, like under furniture, with its low head.

Limited in mobility and the filtration quality is low, this vacuum makes up for that in its price.


Shark IONFlex

Great at picking up large and small particles without any effort due to its exceptional suction power.

After use, you won’t have to keep it out as it can be taken apart and stored in smaller spaces.

Dyson V10 Cyclone


While this is the priciest cordless vacuum on this guide, the quality and cleaning action speaks for itself.

Highest standard in suction and reliability, this dyson cordless for hardwood floor is sure to please.

Hoover Air

Designed specifically with hardwood floor owners in mind. Although it is a bit larger than the other cordless vacuums,

you won’t have to worry about your floors being scratched because it has soft bristles underneath.

Eureka Power Plush

Good price and dependable, this vacuum is gentle on hardwood floors and picks up anything in its path.

However, it isn’t recommended for homeowners with carpet in their home too, as it is not as effective.

Shark Ion Rocket Ultralight

Multifunctional and reliable in quality. This cordless vacuum can be used both on carpet and hardwood floors just as

effectively with just a flip of a switch. It also includes a light on the head to navigate those tight, dark spaces.

Dyson V6

Some of the same great features as the V10 and just as reliable, but a cheaper option for those that aren’t looking

to be too invested in this single vacuum, but love and trust Dyson products.

Tineco A10 Master

New to the market, so there may be some faulty aspects to this cordless vacuum. However, it was crafted

specifically for those with hardwood floors due to its gentle nature. Will allow you to glide over your floors effortlessly

without causing any damage.

Cleaning hardwood floors can be a challenge because they require special care in order to keep their same beautiful look. Your top priority when selecting a vacuum to clean your hardwood floor should be making sure that the product does not cause any damage. Scratches and scrapes can cause your hardwood floors to become unsightly and that is the opposite of what you want. While cleaning carpet and tile may be less of a hassle, the beauty of hardwood floors is one to love.

But here’s the kicker: we have personally selected each of these cordless vacuums to include in this guide. The eight vacuums have all been evaluated in several categories against each other. They each had significant performance in the following criteria of value, mobility, capacity, suction strength, and power.

8 Best Cordless Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum



  • Doesn’t make much noise while in use
  • Great suction for smaller messes and hair
  • Reaches those harder to reach places


  • Charge only lasts for about 15 minutes
  • Stiff mobility, maneuverability is a complication

Details about the Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum

This cordless vacuum is for those that want a good clean, for a low price. However, you lose important features like good filtration, maneuverability, and some extra items like attachments that come with other vacuums, but it is still a reliable option nonetheless. It smoothly glides over the floor and picks up almost everything in one pass over. Also, as long as the bristles on, it won’t cause any damage to your floor.

It gets better: if you have a pet, you understand how much of a hassle their hair can be. It gets everywhere on the couches and in the rug. This vacuum has the ability to pick up that hair just as it would any other small mess that may occur in your home. The best part is that the vacuum won’t clog either, so no struggling to get clumps out from the bin or pipes.

Key Features:

  • Cleans carpet, tile, and hardwood floors
  • Designed so that hair won’t clog anything
  • Doesn’t require a bag

Shark IONFlex DuoClean



  • It was easy to collapse the vacuum, making it easy to store
  • Picks up large messes quickly, and empties quickly as well
  • There’s great maneuverability with the size, especially since you can break down the vacuum to use it as a handheld for smaller areas
  • Much quieter than a traditional vacuum


  • You do need to break down the vacuum for it to be free-standing; you’ll need to lean it against something otherwise
  • The debris container is relatively small

Details about the Shark IONFlex Duoclean

Thanks to the thin design and ION power pack in the Shark IONFlex DuoClean, you have a lot of flexibility and maneuverability. There’s no need to move cords to get around furniture and underneath storage, and when you’re done, this mid-priced vacuum stores easily.

The DuoClean technology in the IONFlex includes a powerful bristle brush to deep clean your carpets, along with an additional soft brush roll to help you bring in larger pieces. These brushes can even be turned off when you use the vacuum on hardwood floors in order to keep your floors safe. Use it on dirt, pet hair, carpet, and tile before you have to charge it again.

With your purchase, you’ll receive a duster crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, anti-allergen dust brush, battery, and of course, a charger. With the battery, you’ll be able to clean for a full hour without having to recharge. Hopefully, you won’t need more than an hour to clean your house.

Key Features:

  • Leave the vacuum charging for three hours to get a 30-minute charge
  • When collapsed, it’s freestanding, and cordless
  • Works well on multiple types of flooring for large and small items, including pet hair
  • Low maintenance and easy to use

Shark ion p50 model

Top Quality – Dyson Cyclone V10



  • This vacuum may be lightweight, but it’s still powerful, and can clean all types of dirt in one pass
  • Convert it to a wand for high-traffic areas, or use it as a vacuum to clean your car
  • The bin is 40 percent larger than previous models


  • It’s not possible to lock the vacuum on, which may tire your hands out from pressing
  • The price point is higher than others

Details about the Dyson V10

You have a lot of suction power with the Dyson Cyclone V10. When tested against others, it works for longer, clocking in at 60 minutes of run time on a full charge. It’s a powerful cordless vacuum that’s been quickly replacing Dyson’s corded models with its small size, 14 concentric cyclones, and advanced whole machine filtration.

This lightweight vacuum is versatile and easy to use. The instant release trigger ensures that you won’t waste battery power when you clean, although you will need 3.5 hours to charge it before you first use it.

Use the torque driver head for some powerful cleaning, while the stiff nylon bristles catch onto deep down dirt stuck in your carpet. The V10 digital motor is meant to clean up everything from fine dust to ground in dirt, even if you transform it into a handheld vacuum to clean around your home and car.

Key Features:

  • With the large debris container, you don’t have to empty it much
  • It’s lightweight and transformable
  • The soft roller head is perfect for hardwood floors, but you can swap out the soft roller version to use on your carpets as well

See my Dyson v7 comparison


Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum



  • The lightweight quality makes it easy to life up and down stairs
  • Marketed for hardwood flooring, but works very well on carpeting as well
  • The strong suction cleans up even large cereal pieces


  • The battery life is problematic for many people
  • May work better for quick cleaning in a pinch rather than extended cleaning

Details about the Hoover Air

The lithium battery technology in this Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum will provide you with about 25 minutes of battery power on both carpet and hard floors. This is a little less than other available vacuums, but hopefully you’ll be able to get your house clean in 25 minutes with the WindTunnel 3 Technology, which uses three channels of suction to lift even embedded dirt.

The cyclone technology is meant to keep suction constant so you can fill up that 1.05-liter dirt cup. The rollers work wonderfully on hardwood floors to suck up dirt and keep it scratch-free. It specifically is meant for your hardwood floors, but can be used on carpeting as well, or in corners and furniture with the included dusting tools.

Key Features:

  • You receive two 20V batteries, each providing you with a battery life of around 25 minutes
  • It only weighs a little under 10 pounds
  • The suction works well on hardwood flooring


Eureka NEC122A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner



  • Strong suction, allowing it to pick up large debris, fine dust, and dirt
  • Will not leave any scratches on your floor
  • Converts easily to a vacuum or a handheld


  • The quality is a little lower, with some pieces breaking off in time
  • Can get clogged up quickly, and only even runs for 15 minutes at a time

Details about the Eureka NEC122A

Meant specifically for hardwood and tile, the Eureka includes a unique brush roll to clean your floors quickly and effectively. All you have to do is touch the one-touch power button instead of continuously pressing and holding down the start button. This means that there’s no need to hold the button down when you’re using the swivel steering to get around all places in your home.

The Eureka is self-propelled too, making it even easier to push the 5.5 pounds around. It’s so lightweight so that you can bring it anywhere, and since it’s cordless, it can even be used outside.

It’s not great for carpets, but it will pick up a variety of items without leaving any trails behind. This vacuum is especially great if you have pets, since it picks up pet hair in a flash. You may not want it if you have carpeting, although it’s a powerful vacuum when it comes to hardwoods.

Key Features:

  • Includes the Power Plush roller to keep your hardwood floors and tile safe
  • You have easy storage and charging with the wall mount
  • Converts to a wand style for handheld cleaning, or attach the motor directly to the head to clean stairs


Shark ION Rocket Ultra Light Vacuum



  • Great power options: power saver, high power, and constant battery plugin
  • Easily moved and carried around the home
  • Includes tools to make cleaning easier
  • Ultra lightweight makes for convenient use


  • Make need to go over tough spots twice
  • Dustbin needs to be emptied more often

Details about the Shark Rocket Ultralight

The Shark Ion Rocket is a great option for homes that have both hardwood and carpeted floors. Really, this vacuum can be used on everything from hard floors to cleaning out your car. While it isn’t designed just to be used for hardwood floors, it does do a great job on them.

To use the Shark Ion Rocket on hardwood floors, simply use the hardwood floor option to take away the roll brush. Even better, the easily accessed switch makes it easy to switch from cleaning your kitchen floor to the area rugs or carpet. For a cordless vacuum, it’s remarkably dynamic, and easy to use too.

For a cordless vacuum, it has a fair amount of power, especially considering the affordable price tag. You can expect this vacuum to handle cleaning sessions lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to a whole half hour. While that isn’t too long to clean for, it’s good to remember that cordless vacuums are generally meant for cleaning in between larger cleaning sessions. You can extend the battery life by switching the power mode to energy saver, and use the higher powered option for bigger, heavier messes.

Key Features:

  • Convenient lights make it easy to clean under furniture and in crevices
  • Converts to either stick vacuum or handheld depending on your needs
  • Can handle cleaning sessions up to 30 minutes
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum



  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used as either wand or handheld to clean more areas
  • Quick, easy dustbin cleaning
  • Delivers high powered suction


  • Dustbin needs more frequent emptying due to size
  • Cleans for up to 20 minutes

Details about the Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum

This cordless vacuum delivers the kind of power and quality you expect from a Dyson, without making you break the bank to get it. It’s similar to the newer, more costly D10 model from Dyson, with the exception of a few features the other model comes with.

The D7 operates much the same in both function and design as the D10, though more in ‘halves.’ Basically, most features from the suction power to the battery life are halved in comparison to the capacity of the D10. The suction of the D7 is about 40% lower, while the battery life is about half of the D10, and the dust cup is smaller, at about half the size as well. While there is some maintenance cost associated with this model, it’s a fairly low cost (especially considering the money that this model will save you). At only 18 dollars a year, this vacuum is a great bargain. Likewise, while the dust cup will need to be emptied more often, for shorter cleans it shouldn’t be a large hassle, and more than makes up for extra emptying with a lower price point.

That being said, the D7 is an accessible option for people that want the quality clean a Dyson can give hardwood floors, and don’t need the extra features that elevate the price tag. Not only that, this vacuum makes it easy to keep it well charged, and out of sight when you’re not using it. That’s because it comes with a charging base that can easily be mounted on the wall to save space, and charge when you’re done cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Easy to store and charge
  • Includes tools for cleaning drapes/upholstery and small crevices
  • Includes charging base that can be mounted for out of the way storage


Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner



  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle
  • Includes HEPA filter: great for eliminating allergens and particulates
  • Includes special hardwood cleaning mode
  • Ultra long cleaning time: up to 50 minutes


  • Can change from carpet to hardwood, but the user must manually change brush before proceeding to change surfaces

Details about the Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum

This cordless vacuum is actually made for hardwood floors, especially those that need a little extra TLC. The Tineco A10 Master is a recent release in the market of high quality cordless vacuums, and you’ll find it comparable to the well known brand, Dyson. Despite being a new addition to the options out there, it does have a good following, thanks to its creator brand. It comes from the same manufacturer as the robotic EcoVac appliances, and this company is known for quality products that don’t break your budget. (Best Robotic Vacuums for Hardwood Floors)

The really impressive thing about this vacuum?

The battery life. This vacuum wins the battery life gambit hands down. With nearly an hour of cleaning time, you can easily take care of cleaning up multiple areas without having to stop.  That being said, you will need to use both batteries (fully charged) to get this endurance, but both batteries are included, and come with their own charging mounts.

While the company, and the product itself are newer, the quality and cleaning power stand. Some prospective vacuum buyers may be hesitant to try out a more recent debut, although this company shows every sign of upward growth and product innovation. That being said, this vacuum has great features, and delivers the performance you expect from a top quality vacuum.

Key Features:

  • Includes more tools than most vacuums: crevice tool, 2 way dust brush, and power brush
  • Delivers nearly an hour of cleaning when both batteries are used
  • Includes two sets of batteries and accompanying charging stations
  • Uses convenient lighting to help with cleaning in dark or difficult to see spaces


Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors: What To Consider

A lot of the top vacuums on the market right now are designed for carpet, not hardwood. It may not seem like a big deal, but a vacuum created for use on carpets can actually damage your hardwood floors – brushes designed to dig into carpets to pick up dust and debris could scrape against wood, leaving permanent scratch marks.

You want to keep your hardwood floors as shiny and beautiful as possible, but cleaning with a broom and mop can be exhausting. Cleaning with a vacuum is faster, easier and simply works better than trying to do the job by hand. You just need to make sure it won’t do any damage to your floors.

hardwood floor cordless vacuum

So, before you go out and buy a new vacuum, there are a few things to consider. The best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors may not be the best vacuum out there for carpets, and vice versa.

Here are a few tips to help you pick out the best cordless vacuum specifically for your hardwood floors.

  1. Are all the floors in your house hardwood?

This is the very first question you need to ask yourself.

Again, not all vacuums designed for carpet are safe for hardwood; and not all vacuums designed for hardwood will work great on carpet, too. So, if you have a combination of hardwood and carpet flooring in your house, you are going to want to find yourself a vacuum that works well on both kinds of surfaces. After all, it would be silly to purchase two separate vacuums for each type of floor.

A good hybrid vacuum will be tough enough on carpets while still gentle enough to not scratch hardwood. Look for a model that does not have deep cleaning brushes, and relies more on powerful suction to pick up dirt. In most cases, if a vacuum is designed for both surfaces, it will be advertised as such.

  1. Look for gentle cleaning brushes

This is similar to the point above, but we really can’t stress it enough – make sure the vacuum you choose for your hardwood floors has gentle brushes that will not scratch up the floor. Look for brands that advertise soft brushes that are safe for use on hardwood.

Alternatively, you could purchase a vacuum that has removable brushes. This could be a great option if you have both hardwood and carpet and want to use the deep-cleaning of tough brushes on your carpet. Just remember to take them out when you switch to cleaning the hardwood.

Review of iRobot Roomba 675

  1. Think about additional attachments

Take a look at the extra attachments that are included in a vacuum you are considering buying. For a lot of people, the extra bells and whistles are unnecessary. But there are a few cases you might want a special attachment on your vacuum: if you have pets who shed a lot, if your home has hard-to-reach areas, if you plan on using the vacuum to clean your upholstery, etc. Consider all additional attachments before you make your purchase.

  1. Find a powerful vacuum

Remember, when it comes to hardwood, deep cleaning does not matter as much as it does on carpet. You do not need a vacuum that is going to scrub or sweep up dirt, but you do want one that will pick up everything in its path. Don’t worry about getting a lower-quality clean because of a lack of brushes.

Dirt sits on top of hardwood floors, rather than in them, so make sure you find a cordless vacuum with high suction power. There is no reason to get a lower quality clean on hardwood compared to carpet just because you are worried about damaging the floors – a vacuum that has most of its cleaning power in its suction, rather than its brushes, will do the trick.

Your vacuum should be powerful enough to suck up dirt, pet hair and denser debris without the aid of rotating brushes. If it isn’t, you might find yourself sweeping the hardwood floors after vacuuming to pick up what the vacuum missed. No one wants to do that, so make sure you choose a vacuum with high suction power.

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  1. An investment in long-lasting floors

You may be hesitant to pay the higher price for a top-quality vacuum as opposed to a cheaper one, and that’s totally understandable – it’s just a vacuum, right?

Well, maybe not. We encourage you to look at your vacuum cleaner as an investment that will actually save you money in the future. With some cheaper options, you will end up having to replace or repair your vacuum so often, it will cost you more than purchasing a higher-quality one at the start. Not to mention, a good vacuum for hardwood floors will prevent your floors from getting scratched and damaged.

You shouldn’t be afraid to pay a little more for a vacuum that will work fantastically and last you for years. In the long run, it will save you a lot of stress and money.

What is the Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

Don’t damage your beautiful hardwood floors by using the wrong vacuum. The best cordless vacuum for you will be specifically designed for safe use on hardwood. It should have gentle or removable brushes and a powerful suction to pick up dirt. It should also be well-built, made to last and come with whatever additional attachments are best suited to your needs.

Remember, if you have both carpet and hardwood floors in your home, you should look for a hybrid vacuum that works well on both. If you have only hardwood, though, we really encourage you to get a hardwood-specific model. Any of the options reviewed above would be perfect.

Now that you are informed, get out there and make the purchase that is right for you. Let us know in the comments which of these vacuums you liked the best.

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