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Carpet sweepers are well loved for how affordable, light and easy to use they are. Not to mention that they’re very safe as well, which is great if you want to include your kids in the chore. Generally speaking, carpet sweepers are more effective than a mere broom and often a lot cheaper than a vacuum with all the bells and whistles.

If you’re unsure of where to start in your research, keep reading to learn about the best carpet sweepers I’ve tested and see which one suits you best.

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Best Carpet Sweepers on the Market

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

fuller brush

When you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use carpet sweeper, you really can’t beat the Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper. This compact and portable carpet and floor sweeper is small and easy to move around for anyone, regardless of your strength. Carry it up the stairs or to the corners that you can’t easily reach with other vacuum cleaners, and when you’re done with your cleaning for the day, it’s so small that you can store anywhere. Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet helps best that it can fold to hang up too.

Truly, what makes this electrostatic carpet sweeper unique is the fact that it is an electrostatic carpet floor sweeper. You don’t need any outlets to get your home clean and don’t need to worry about hauling around a cord from room to room back and forth either. Use it on all types of floors, but don’t use it on wet messes. This carpet sweeper best works for pet owners in cleaning pet hair and pile carpets dirt, and cleans in both directions too. Push forward and backward to clean your home best.

For such a low price, this Fuller Brush carpet sweeper best is a great value—especially since it won’t scuff your furniture either. That’s because it has a vinyl bumper that will protect your furniture when you bump into it.


  • Works well to pick up after multiple pets
  • Very easy to clean and empty; just tip it upside down and push the button
  • It’s reversible in how it cleans


  • Does not work to pick up wet messes

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Bissell Natural Sweep Floor Sweeper

bissell natural

If you want to be environmentally conscious while you clear up messes in your home, you’ll love this Bissell Sweep. Made with no non-recyclable plastics, this Bissell Natural Sweep Floors Sweeper works using a dual brush design to collect smaller debris, but can still collect even heavier items like beads, cat litter, or even gravel. For the price, you really can’t go wrong when you choose this Bissell Sweep.

Just push your Bissell Natural Sweep along to pick up quick messes—which is especially easy since Bissell Natural Sweep is compact and lightweight, making it easy to haul around with you. Use it not only on your carpeting but also on your hardwood and tile flooring. Since Bissell Sweep is a cordless sweeper, it doesn’t use any electricity, nor does it have any bags or disposable liners that you have to worry about.


  • Very light and easy to carry around
  • You have four sets of bristles in the corners to help you get edges
  • Works best on multiple types of flooring
  • Cordless Sweeper Best


  • Not as durable as other options


Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max

ontel swivel

Lightweight and cordless rechargeable: that’s the Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max. Like the other models, this carpet and floor sweeper best made to clean efficiently, but unlike some other models, it includes a reusable bristle brush that will rotate at about 4000 revolutions per minute. With that kind of power, you can rest assured that the dual action cleaning really will get your hardwood floors clean.

Of course, it helps that this sweeper is easy to use too. That’s because it has a flat head that allows you to clean underneath furniture and other areas that are a little hard to access. And with the 360 degrees spin of the brushes, it’s able to pick up both large and small debris without you needing to struggle with it. You don’t even need to worry about a cord, since it has rechargeable batteries within the plastic body and no expensive or messy bags either.


  • It’s so flat that it’s easy to use and easy to maneuver underneath furniture
  • The batteries are easy to recharge
  • You can remove and reuse the bristle brushes


  • It doesn’t pick up items well if you sweep by too quickly


Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Brushless Mechanical Carpet Sweeper


Yes, you’re looking for a carpet and floor sweeper best meant to be used on carpeting, but you have a lot of hard floors, bare floors and tiled flooring too, this Rubbermaid option is truly a cut above the rest. Without any brushes, it’s able to pick up a lot of debris in the 2 debris canisters. To empty those canisters, all you need to do is give it a little touch—meaning that you don’t need to deal with touching dirt and dust. It’s easy to see when the sweeper needs emptying too, since the best canisters have tinted windows in them.

You’ll be picking up a lot of that dirt and dust too with the wide 7.5-inch sweep path and the protective bumper that will best prevent you from scuffing up your furniture. The soft rubber wheels won’t scuff up your flooring either, and will glide easily over carpet, vinyl, tile, wood, and any other flooring type. Really, cleaning up your dirt flooring just got a whole lot easier with this Rubbermaid Carpet Sweeper.


  • It works very quietly
  • It adapts well when you switch from carpeting to hard floors
  • Picks up hair really well


  • Has trouble in cleaning path of very small debris


Fuller Brush 17042

fuller brush

The Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet and Floors Sweeper 17042 is unique because unlike other carpet sweepers, it’s able to pick up both wet and dry messes. Use it to clean up crumbs and pet hair with the bristle brush, or let the vinyl blade pick up food and liquids. If you live in a busy house or need a good option to pick up food in a restaurant, you really can’t go wrong with picking up this Fuller Brush 17042 carpet sweeper.

Fuller Brush 17042 Carpet and Floors Sweeper helps that this is such a portable option as well, and that it folds flat to help you store it. Carry it around with you when you need it, and don’t even worry about needing to plug it in, since it is an electrostatic carpet floors sweeper and works with a fuller brush electrostatic charge to help you pick up dirt, dust, and food with very little noise and no scratches or scuffs. Brush electrostatic carpet floor sweeper is really quite impressive, especially considering how sturdy and agile it is, so you can keep using it for years.


  • It’s simple to put together
  • You don’t need to push down hard to get it to work well
  • Use it easily in small spaces around the house


  • It will not clean large messes super well since it’s so small


Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3

Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3

There’s a reason why a lot of people choose Bissell Sweep for their carpet sweeping and vacuuming needs. The Bissell Sweep Up 2101 3 cordless sweeper is just one of their options, and stands out due to how well it works both on carpeting and on hardwood flooring—since it has 7 brushes in total to help it clean up everything from dirt to dust to pet hair. Those 7 brushes of Bissell Sweep Up 2101 3 will even help you pick up things in both directions, and will work without you needing to deal with a cord or a dust pan.

Like other carpet sweeper options, Bissell Sweep Up 2101 3 cordless sweeper is easy to empty and very light to carry around. 4 Bissell Sweep Up 2101 3 is durable too, so if you do happen to bang it around a bit, it will still last when you’re pushing it around your home.


  • It’s very easy to empty the dirt and easy to maneuver
  • The 7-brush system makes it easy to pick up various debris
  • Works quietly and cleans even dark rugs with ease


  • Does not pick up huge debris


Shark V2930 Cordless Rechargeable Floor Sweeper

Shark V2930

One thing that makes this Shark cordless sweeper unique is that it includes a folding handle. This will keep you from straining your back too much as you reach down to clean various areas without needing to get onto your hands and knees. It helps that this sweeper is long-reaching and has a low-profile design too, so it’s easy to scoot it underneath furniture to those hard-to-reach areas. With the motorized brushes, you’ll be able to effectively sweep up debris of various sizes on both carpeting and on hard flooring.

You don’t even need a cord for this Shark sweeper, since its cordless rechargeable battery operated. All you need to do is remember to recharge the batteries in between your uses. Remember to empty the dust cup too, which is completely bagless and only requires a push of a button to dispose of everything you’ve sucked up in that 10-inch cleaning path.


  • The size of the sweeper makes it easy to scoot underneath furniture
  • The folding handle saves your back a lot of pain when cleaning
  • It picks up even small items like glitter
  • Cordless rechargeable


  • You do need to remember to charge this in between uses


Bissell Perfect Turbo Sweeper

Bissell Perfect Turbo

The best part about this Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo is that you don’t have to think about much when you use it. The dirt cup has a capacity of 480 ml, so you really don’t need to think too much about emptying the cup when you’re cleaning. Since it’s cordless sweeper, you don’t need to lug around a cord either or worry about outlets, since you only need to push it around to get it to work. You can keep using it for up to 60 hours too with that cordless rechargeable battery before you recharge it.

This lightweight Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo is easy to use and great if you need to carry it around from room to room, and since it’s so small, you can easily push it around underneath furniture with dust and debris or dirts. Glide the wheels wherever you need it to go, and adjust the metal handle if you find that a different height will work better for your cleaning path.


  • You don’t have to recharge the battery for a total of 60 hours
  • The dirt container is easy to access since it’s at the top of the unit
  • Since it’s electric, it glides easily over various types of flooring


  • If the sweeper is not in the off position, your sweeper will not charge


Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake

It’s likely that you haven’t heard of a carpet rake before, but if you have a lot of pets or if you notice that you’re always dealing with pet hair, this Grandi Groom will be your best bet. It works to lift up pet hair and particles that are rooted deeply in your carpet fibers. This is the type of sweeper that will provide you with a more natural cleaning compared to your other options.

What’s really unique though is that this sweeper has an 18-inch head, and is one of the widest sweepers we have on our list. This means that you have to deal with less passes as you go to clean your carpeting, but no matter how many passes you go through, you can rest assured that this sweeper is made of high-quality materials that are made to last.

One of the truly unique settings on this vacuum though is that it allows you to lift the dirt and shift the carpet pile back to how it was using the push-pull setting. Just carry this lightweight vacuum with you anywhere to clean mostly pet hair (shark vacuum for pet hair), but also other types of dirt too.


  • The cleaning path is wide
  • Works great to really lift pet hair out of your carpeting
  • Can work even on thicker carpets


  • Since this is a carpet rake, it takes some time to get used to


What is a Carpet Sweeper?

The best carpet sweepers are light, quiet and convenient alternative to the vacuum for cleaning carpets, that was actually invented before the vacuum cleaner. The best carpet sweeper kind of finds itself right in between a broom and a cleaner, as it picks up debris without any suction power. Instead, the best carpet sweeper uses brushrolls to sweep dirt, fur, dust and debris into the canister, which can then be emptied exactly like a cleaner’s canister would be.

Best carpet sweepers are meant to be used on carpets, and really will not be as effective on hardwood as a traditional broom would be. While they work on almost all carpet types, carpet sweepers can tend to struggle on shaggier or thicker carpets. Best carpet sweepers come in a range of designs, shapes, weights and sizes, which affect the cleaning capabilities, price and effectiveness of the sweeper.

Though most people would likely recognize the manual carpet sweepers, which operate without any electricity, battery or plugs needed, and depend on you to manually push it. This makes it extremely convenient for small or awkward spaces and actually even safe for a child to use. However, there are actually some electrical carpet sweepers available, that actually more closely rival a vacuum cleaner.

Why Use a Sweeper for Carpet? 

If you are a business owner with dozens of customer’s shoes shuffling in and out every hour or a busy parent with messy kids or pets, it is so secret that your carpet can accumulate dirt and debris, pretty quickly. Unfortunately, it really is not practical to pull out a vacuum multiple times throughout the day, or even once a day, to maintain your carpet’s cleanliness.

Though sweeping with a broom can work some of the time, more often than not, sweeping only leads to debris getting pushed further into the carpet’s fibers. However, if sweeping only makes cleaning more difficult and vacuuming really isn’t practical, what can you use for everyday carpet cleaning? This is where the best carpet sweeper shines. While it cannot offer the same deep clean as a vacuum, it is convenient for everyday quick cleaning.

Benefits of a Carpet Sweeper

As mentioned above the best carpet cleaner is not as effective as a vacuum, so why should you consider the best carpet and floor sweeper?

1. Sound-Free

Almost all would agree that one of the worst parts of a vacuum is the noise. Vacuuming utilizes an electrical suction power to clean debris from the bare floors which are effective but pretty noisy and annoying. A carpet sweeper on the other hand functions similarly to a broom but more eco-friendly, with tiny bristles or blades that rotate and pick up debris, which means no suction noise at all.

2. Convenient

The majority of the best carpet sweepers are non-electrical and eco-friendly, meaning there are no annoying cords or batteries that would inconvenience your cleaning. Carpet sweepers are generally pretty light and maneuverable, some can even lay flat, making it easy to reach all of the awkward spots that vacuuming can have trouble reaching. Overall, a carpet sweeper is just far less hassle than vacuuming, making it the perfect option for quick, small, everyday cleaning jobs.

3. Price

Likely one of the main reasons people would choose to purchase the best carpet sweeper is that they are extremely effective for an affordable price. You can find most carpet sweepers at a fraction of the cost of a vacuum cleaner, so a sweeper floor carpet really is a small investment that will make cleaning your carpets easier, quicker and more convenient.

Who Should Consider a Carpet Sweeper?

A carpet sweeper is a great option for a variety of different people and living situations. Since it is made for quick, convenient pick ups, it is perfect for  anybody who knows they need to be constantly cleaning up their carpet. This may apply to teachers or parents with messy kids, or shedding dogs who will certainly dirty your carpet, as well as business owners looking for a silent, quick way to clean up the debris that clients bring in on their shoes.

A carpet sweeper is a small cleaning tool making it a great option for both those living in apartments without much storage space. The small size also factors into the weight, and typically carpet sweepers are quite a bit lighter than vacuums, making them a good option for those who have trouble with the weight of a vacuum to clean.

Carpet Sweeper Maintenance and Cleaning

To ensure the lifespan of your carpet sweeper, it is advised that you clean out the canister and clean out any leftover debris that may be stuck within the bristles, after every single use. Similar to vacuuming, it is recommended that you take apart your carpet sweeper every so often, to give it a proper clean. Overall, carpet sweepers have very little maintenance required, but do not overlook the importance of cleaning out your carpet sweeper as following the recommendations will significantly increase it’s lifespan.

Factors to Consider 

Much like any cleaning tool, there are a variety of carpet sweepers available on the market which can vary quite a bit in design and functionality. To ensure you find the best carpet sweepers that meet all of your needs, it is important to keep certain factors in mind.

1. Weight

Weight is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a carpet sweeper. The main benefit of a carpet sweeper and what differentiates it from a vacuum is its convenience, so a heavy and clunky carpet sweeper kind of defeats the purpose. Generally, try and look for a lighter weight model, as this will allow you to use it to its full potential. Considering the weight is also incredibly important if you know you will be using the carpet sweeper often or you know you struggle with heavier weights.

2. Manual vs. Mechanical vs. Electrical Models

While manual carpet sweepers are certainly the most prevalent, you can actually find both mechanical and electrical models as well. While manual carpet sweepers rely completely on your strength to sweep, mechanical models actually have a built in gear system which helps to rotate the bristles/blades. Overall, the mechanical carpet sweepers function exactly the same as the manual models, except they take some of the strain off of you, which may be ideal if you will be using it very often.

Aside from manual and mechanical carpet sweepers, you can actually find some electrical models on the market. Electrical carpet sweepers tend to function more like vacuum cleaners. While an electrical model tends to be more effective than it’s more traditional counterparts, the cord or battery required to power the effective suction effect, does make it less maneuverable and reliable and in turn as inconvenient as vacuuming.

3. Storage Space

Before purchasing any larger appliance for your home, it is important to first consider your storage space. Do you have extremely limited space? Perhaps it may be better to consider a smaller model. Often carpet sweepers are pretty easy to take apart for cleaning purposes, which can make it easier to store. However, do not assume this to be true for all models.

Some carpet sweepers actually do come with a wall mount, which would likely solve any limited storage issues, however, you then have to consider if you want a carpet sweeper mounted on your wall. Overall, a carpet cleaner tends to be much easier to store than a cleaner, but still be sure to take into account your storage space while considering the different carpet sweeping models.

4. Brush Bristles vs. Rubber Blades

Carpet sweepers come in two varieties, those with brush bristles and those with rubber blades. While both function almost identically, rubber blades tend to be better at picking up smaller particles (such as dust and dirt) while bristles (much like a broom) is better with larger particles. Though both bristles and blades can pick up both small and large particles, it may take several passes so it may be helpful to consider what you will more often be cleaning up.

5. Length

Length is a pretty crucial factor when purchasing a carpet sweeper (or broom or vacuum cleaner for that matter) that people often forget to keep in mind. In the same way that people come in all different heights and sizes, carpet sweepers are available in a large range of shapes and sizes. Keep your height in mind when considering different carpet sweepers and try to find a model that will suit your height best and therefore be the most comfortable when in use.

6. Your Cleaning Requirements

Are you a single person living in a small apartment? You likely will not need a huge canistered, electrical carpet sweeper to keep your carpet clean. In the same vain, if you are a business that hosts hundreds of shuffling, dirty shoes a day that drag in lots of outdoor debris, you may want to consider a larger canister and maybe a mechanical model to make cleaning easier. Overall, try to keep in mind your own personal cleaning requirements since you are trying to find a model that makes cleaning more convenient, easy and effective, without paying for a tool that does more than you require.

7. Price

On the topic of payment, as with any purchase it is extremely important to keep costs in mind. You can find carpet sweepers at such a pretty insanely wide range of price points. Just try to keep in mind your own personal budget and your cleaning requirements, so that you can find a model that does everything you need at a price that you can justify.

8. Dust Canister

Exactly like a vacuum cleaner, carpet sweepers use canisters or bags to contain all of the debris you pick up while cleaning. Carpet sweepers come with a variety of dust canister/bag capacities and sizes. Try and consider how you will be using your carpet sweeper. Will you be cleaning multiple rooms in one go or cleaning often after shuffling clients come in? If so you may want to consider a carpet sweeper with a large canister size as this will mean you do not have to empty the contents as often.

9. Your Home’s Interior Design

If you have furniture on your carpet, that can be hard to sweep under, you may want to consider a carpet sweeping model that lays flat or is designed at an angle to reach under furniture. If you have spaces that can be awkward to reach, you may want to consider a lighter, smaller, cordless model that will be more maneuverable and therefore more convenient for the awkward areas of your home. Another factor that comes into play with your home’s interior design is your actual carpet. Your type of carpet will play a role in the effectiveness of a carpet sweeper, since some are really only meant for mats, while others can work on thicker shaggier carpets.

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