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Do you wonder why sometimes your Roomba is constantly beeping? You might be confused with a bunch of questions. Does it sometimes all of a sudden get stuck and start beeping in the middle of a job? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help!

The Roomba robot vacuum is one of the best technologies on the market that have made daily chores much easier than they ever were before. These vacuums are like a magical cleaning fairy that will help get your house clean in no time.  See iRobot Roomba comparisons

But just like with all technology, the Roomba robots also have some technological issues. Fortunately, these problems can be solved easily at home all on your own, which is why we’ve put together this roomba troubleshooting guide to get you started. 

These beeping errors aren’t fatal to your machine. From time to time, your Roomba vacuum is just in need of some maintenance and the different beeps are warning signs that will let you know the condition of the Roomba. Simply by counting the beeps the machine is giving off you will be able to identify the present error. 

Check out this troubleshooting guide. You will be able to find the error code you are experiencing along with the solutions.

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iRobot Roomba Error Codes And Troubleshooting Guide

The Roomba tends to show two types of common errors. The first error is usually related to charging while the second is related to an operational problem of some sort. But don’t fret! This guide is here to help you and solve your issue in no time. 

A Roomba diagram

Roomba Charging Errors:

Below are some common charging issues your Roomba might experience, but can be fixed without any struggle. 

Charging Error 1

This is actually more of a mistake than an error. Sometimes you might forget to connect the battery after assembly or the battery is not connected properly. The Roomba will warn you that there is no battery available with a single beep. 

To Fix: Check the battery and make sure everything is properly connected.

Charging Error 2

This type of Roomba error presents itself with two beeps. Usually it occurs when the battery is overheated because of a present extra current or the batteries installed are fake. 

To Fix: Unplug your machine and let it sit for about 3-4 hours to cool down. You will then want to make sure that the batteries are original Roomba batteries.

Charging Error 3

This errors warns you of an issue with three beeps all at one time. It occurs usually when the Roomba cannot find its charger and cannot recharge. 

To Fix: Reset the Roomba and recharge it. Help it find its way back to the charger for a reboot.

Charging Error 4

When you first purchase your Roomba, there is a yellow strip inside that breaks the circuit and cuts the power from the system so it is not used before a purchase. 

To Fix: Reboot the Roomba and make sure that yellow strip is removed from the battery. 

Charging Error 5

In this case, you will notice that your battery is not charging/holding charge anymore. Usually this will happen when your batteries overheat to the point that they will no longer charge.

To Fix: Uplug the Roomba and let it cool down. Once it has cooled down, plug it and recharge it. If you see that your Roomba is charging just fine, no need to worry. If there’s the case where it is not charging, replace your battery.

Charging Error 6

If you notice that error 5 occurs on a continuous loop before you think it is time to replace your batteries, you might want to consider the change. 

To Fix: Replace your batteries as early as possible. 

Roomba Operational Errors

Operational errors are usually just simple bugs that you can fix in no time with just a few quick steps. The operational errors will alert you that something is wrong by a different number of beeps. In order to know what the problem is, you just have to count the beeps. 

Beeps 1 Time or Error 1

If you hear a single beep coming from your Roomba, it may be stuck somewhere or there is a side wheel hanging off a ledge.

To Fix: Move your Roomba and press the “clean” button to restart. Check the side wheels of the Roomba and see if there are any obstructions in the way. You can do this by pushing the wheels back and forth, making sure they are clean. Check each wheel separately and thoroughly. Make sure there is equal and level resistance and that the wheel assembly is properly complete. 

Beeps 2 Times or Error 2

The two beeps indicate that the brushes are full of dirt and they can no longer turn.

To Fix: Open the brush case and check the bearings. You want to make sure that there isn’t any dirt stuck in there that could be blocking the turning. Give it a nice wash, as well as,washing the gears and the cases and the bearings. If needed, replace the brushes. Once everything is clean, assemble everything back together properly. 

Beep 5 Times or Error 5

This error is related to the side wheels. If your Roomba alarms you with 5 beeps that means there is an obstacle in the side wheels that is preventing the Roomba from traveling properly. 

To Fix: Remove any hair, dirt, or debris that is stuck in the wheels. Flip over the robot and push the wheels to see if there are any obstacles. Once the object is removed, make sure the resistant and levelness is equal on the wheels. 

Beeps 6 Times or Error 6

This type of six beep error will warn you about the cliff sensors. Either there is too much dirt stuck in the sensors or your roomba is stuck on a cliff. 

To Fix: Wipe the sensors clean with a nice dry cloth or blow some compressed air in order to properly clean up the sensors. 

Beeps 7 Times or Error 7

Like error 5, this is related to the side wheels. This means that either one or both side wheels are stuck. Any obstacle will prevent the wheels from turning. 

To Fix: Check for any hair, dirt, or debris within the wheels and remove. Flip over the robot and push the wheels to see if there are any obstacles. Once the object is removed, make sure the resistant and levelness is equal on the wheels. 

Beeps 8 Times or Error 8

This indicates that the Roomba is stalled in a single spot because the caster is stuck or the entire vacuum is stuck.

To Fix: Clean the front caster and you’ll be good to go. If it is still stuck after cleaning, you may need to change the caster of the whole Roomba. 

Beeps 9 Times or Error 9

This deals with the area between the frame and bumper of the whole body of the Roomba. These alarm will let you know that there is dirt in the sensors. 

To Fix: Clean the sensors along the entire body of the Roomba. By doing this, your Roomba will work as good as new. Also check the bumper to make sure it is clean. 

Beeps 10 Times or Error 10

These 10 beeps are distinctly unique; they mean that your Roomba hasn’t identified any obstacle as a disruption yet, but the wheels are stalled due to an unforeseen reason. 

To Fix: You need to check the side wheels for any dirt accumulation and check the resistance on each wheel as well. 

Beeps 11 Times or Error 11

This is similar to error 10. The Roomba hasn’t identified any obstacle yet, but there is a stall. Usually this occurs in a large room with fewer pieces of furniture. 

To Fix: Use a hand vacuum and not a Roomba for these rooms. 

Beeps 12 Times or Error 12

This error is similar to the cliff sensor error that is mentioned above. If the cliff sensor is dirty or cannot do its job properly, the robot will beep 12 times so you know it needs to be fixed.

To Fix: Wipe off the cliff sensors to get rid of this problem. If the error continues, you might need to replace the sensors entirely. 

To Conclude…

The Roomba is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to clean your home. Obviously like all other electrical devices, your Roomba will need some maintenance from time to time. Make sure to check the side wheels, bumpers, gears, bearings, sensors, and brushes on a regular basis in order that your Roomba stays out of trouble.

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