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Roomba is a great brand for robotic vacuums, but you might not always have the budget for the top models. You can still get the benefits of a Roomba, and save yourself on the price point with one of their newer, more affordable models. 

One of the newest in the 600 series, the Roomba 675 has some standout points that set it apart. If you want to know if the 675 is the best fit for your home, you should know how it compares to the other, similar models. 

 In this iRobot Roomba 675 review, we’ll have a look at what makes it different from the others like Roomba 650. We’ll also cover what features you can find in other Roomba models. 

The Best Budget Roomba on the Market

roomba 675 wifi

The Roomba 675 comes at a much lower price than the 690, although most features are on par. There’s a good amount of power, though the biggest difference is that the 675 doesn’t have a virtual wall. Apart from that, the other specs from battery life to efficiency to added features are about the same, making it a solid pick for one of the top budget robot vacuums today.


  • Wifi connectivity allows you to remotely manage the robot vacuum through Alexa, or any other smart device
  • More affordable than other robotic vacuums, making it accessible to more buyers


  • Dirt sensors and filtration system provide more entry level performance
  • Doesn’t clean as efficiently as the top models in the 800 and 900 series

Roomba 690 versus 960

Roomba 675 Design

The first thing you’ll notice is that the 675 seems like the design is something you’ve seen before. The 675 is most similar to the 614 model, although it’s designed like a lot of Roomba’s previous models. While the 614 isn’t being produced anymore, the irobot roomba 675 robot vacuum is about the closest in design you’ll get.

Now, you can choose the 675, which is a big upgrade on the Roomba 614, with extra features, wifi connectivity, and the budget price that the 614 once boasted. 

Body Design

The front of the vacuum has a protective bumper made of rubber. The bumper keeps your furniture from getting scuffed, and keeps the vacuum from getting damage from obstacles. A lift up handle sits on the top of the body for easy carrying. The control buttons are simple and user friendly, with a large ‘Clean’ button in the middle to start it up. 

Like most other Roombas, there’s a panel on the side that opens to allow users to change the filter or dump out the dust cup.

Under Side Design

Much like the top, the bottom is very similar to Roomba models of the past. In fact, most of the components are much the same too. Three wheels move the vacuum about, while a side brush spins to clean edges and corners. The main brush is in the middle, with a bristle brush roll to get debris up.

Roomba 675 Specifications and Size

Roomba vacuums are almost always just a little larger than a foot in diameter. The 675 is about 13.4 inches in diameter, and about 3.5 inches in height. The 675 has a very typical size and height for a Roomba.

The 675 model is 3 ½ inches tall and just over 13 inches wide. It’s not too heavy, and weighs in at just under 12 lbs. With less bulk, it moves around pretty well.

Included Accessories

With the Roomba 675 model, you also get these extra accessories and gear:

  • Additional filter
  • Instructions, owner’s guide, manufacturer documents
  • Included cord
  • Charging/battery station

You’ll notice that with the accessories included, there isn’t a virtual wall.These walls are good to block off certain areas so the vacuum knows not to clean there. Many higher level models (including the 690 and above) do come with a virtual barrier, and the 980 Roomba actually comes with a pair of them. (iRobot 980 vs 960)

Roomba 675 Cleaning Tests

To really see how well the Roomba 675 robot vacuum cleans, we had to try it out for ourselves. While we did think it would hold up to the 690’s cleaning ability based on the features and build, we ran it through some tests to find out. Much like we guessed, the 675 robot vacuum provides pretty much the same cleaning efficiency as the 690. In fact, the two models are nearly identical, although the 690 has a virtual wall, and the 675 doesn’t. 

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

Another area the 675 robot vacuum excels is with low pile carpet. It got up most of the debris. While it doesn’t do as well on low carpet, it still gets a great score. Smaller particles, like sugar, were the biggest challenge.

High Pile Carpet Cleaning

High pile carpet is always tougher for vacuums, so we did anticipate less efficiency with the 675. Much like we predicted, the high pile test was where the Roomba 675 scored lowest. That said, it still got a rather impressive 90% of the mess cleaned up. However, sugar was still the hardest for the vacuum to clean. Keeping the value price in mind, 90% on high pile carpet is no small feat.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tests

The Roomba 675 does a fantastic job cleaning hardwood floors. We set out a variety of debris, and the 675 got the majority of it cleaned up. A couple of particles were left, but it was a negligible amount.

See: Robot Vacuums Hardwood Flooring

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Roomba 675 Brushroll

Let’s have a look at the brushroll. Rather than rubber brushes like the 800 and 900 series use, the 675 uses the older bristle style brushroll. It may get more tangles from long hair, but still does a good job cleaning.

For a budget vacuum cleaner, 95% as an overall score is a great deal. We found that it cleaned efficiently, and got most debris cleaned up. While it’s not 100%, that 5% jump is where the price really jumps to several times higher. 

Roomba 675 Quality

You can expect more or less the same quality and features from the 675 robot vacuum as other 600 series Roombas. It’s still made with quality components that do exactly what they’re supposed to. While it lacks some features you’ll find in the 800 or 900 series (in particular, advanced navigation), it still has the Roomba quality you’re looking for. 

Do I need to maintain it regularly?

Maintenance is what keeps a Roomba robot vacuum running and cleaning well for years to come. That means you need to change out the filter on schedule, about every two months. Emptying the dust bin after use can also extend the working lifetime of your Roomba. 

Yearly maintenance costs with the Roomba 675 are minimal. Roomba provides a schedule for suggested maintenance and part replacement. Based on that, you should only be spending around $33 annually to maintain a 675. 

Battery Life

One of the best features of the Roomba 675 is the high quality battery. Strong batteries help the vacuum clean better, provide better suction, and run longer than a vacuum running on weak batteries. This chart shows you everything you need to know about the 675’s battery:

Ease of Use: Roomba 675

First, setup: 

Like the other Roombas in the 600 series, the Roomba 675 is easy to set up. Once you unbox it, just charge it until full, and press the center cleaning button. If you’re not connecting to Wifi, that’s all you have to do. Hooking it up to your wifi only takes five to ten minutes after you install the iRobot Home app. The iRobot app helps you connect the 675 robot vacuum to your wifi, and your smartphone app. 

What can the Roomba app do?

The app is another great feature that comes with the 675, and not many budget vacuums have one. The app lets you schedule cleanings, look at your cleaning history, start a cleaning, or even pause one in progress. 

Roomba 675 Maneuverability

Roombas are designed with little height, which allows them to reach tough spaces. The better a vacuum maneuvers around your house, the better job it does the cleaning. While it doesn’t use camera navigation, it turns easily, even in tight spots. It does bump into obstacles, but then reroutes and continues cleaning. 

It’s especially well suited to cleaning hardwood floors, and easily keeps up with much more expensive models in this terrain. While advanced navigation sounds like a great idea, it isn’t always necessary for a great clean. The 675’s navigation is perfectly suited to small areas, single floor homes, or homes and apartments with relatively open floor plans.

Is Roomba 675 An Overall Good Buy?

Now that we’ve gotten down to the nitty gritty and looked at all the ins and outs of the Roomba 675, you’re wondering if it’s worth it. So, is the Roomba 675 actually a good value?

Roomba makes wonderful vacuums like the 801, but the 675 model packs in a ton of value. If you’re looking for a budget-priced vacuum, you’ll have a hard time finding another model that delivers the value of the 675. It has powerful suction, good filtration, long battery life, and great maneuverability, and overall, it’s a great value.

You might miss advanced navigation, the newer rubber brushes, or even the virtual wall, but those things aside, the 675 has it all. That’s especially true when you consider the high efficiency you get at a low price. 

What about the warranty?

Depending on where you buy it, the Roomba 675 comes with a 30 day return policy, and a full year’s warranty.

Buy the Roomba 675 If…

The Roomba 675 has the basic design of most 600 series, with wifi capability and an affordable price point. Buy the Roomba 675 for:

  • Value for money: With the cleaning efficiency, features, and budget price, the 675 is one of the best values out there. While higher level models include more features, the price is also much higher. 
  • Good wifi function: Wifi connectivity makes it easy to control the vacuum remotely, and even hands-free. It’s one of the 675’s biggest advantages.
  • Lack of virtual walls: One of the biggest differences between the 675 and pricier models is the lack of virtual walls. Not every home needs them, especially if you have an open floor plan and smaller areas to clean.
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