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Espresso or coffee can be the difference between having a good day and having a bad day for some people. Most coffee enthusiasts swear by certain combinations or chain brands, while others are just content to have any coffee that tastes good. 

As every coffee enthusiast knows, there are right ways and wrong ways to make coffee. As such, it’s important to be careful when choosing which at home, automatic coffee machine you will buy. There are so many different options that come highly recommended. 

If you’ve done any research on automatic coffee machines, then you’re probably familiar with the brands Jura and Saeco. Both are highly recommended by coffee enthusiasts all over the world and both have many different models available for purchase. With so many people swearing by each brand, it’s easy to find yourself wondering how you know which is the better option.

Automatic coffee machines are a big investment. They cost a small fortune and, if you choose a good machine, will be in your home for a while. Since Jura and Saeco are both brands that have diehard fans and are well known, we’ve committed this page to comparing the two side by side. It can be difficult to know what your preferences are and since Jura and Saeco are both well built and equipped with multiple features, we’ll compare them side by side to make the decision easier.

Read below to find out everything you could ever need to know about both Jura and Saeco at home coffee machines.

Jura vs Saeco Overview

While the two brands are similar, they have their differences. Right off the bat, we can see they are manufactured from different countries: Jura from Switzerland and Saeco from Italy. Not only that, but Jura tends to run a little more expensive whereas Saeco is the more affordable one between the two. They both turn out fantastic products though, so you shouldn’t let the price difference cloud your judgement.

While Saeco is owned by major electronics brand Philips, Jura remains more independent. Jura became famous by its coffee machines and most of their revenue continues to come from their coffee machine sales. The brand was created in the early 1930s and soon outsourced production to increase efficiency. Jura has kept up its great reputation of producing coffee machines, but they haven’t kept the low prices. Jura runs more expensive than most other competing brands, but it is not without reason which is why they continue to thrive.

Saeco, on the other hand, was started in Italy in the early 1980s. The brand specializes in making automatic coffee machines, but it does still sell other home products such as irons and toasters. They even have capsule-based espresso machines. Saeco has always provided quality products, but unlike Jura, they’ve been able and willing to keep a lower price. Between the two, Saeco is the more affordable, but still high quality, option.

The Difference in Build

As Saeco and Jura are different brands, they have a different way of building their machines. They are both built to last and have advanced features, but it’s the little things that add up and make the two brands different. So what exactly are these differences?


Grinders are important in a coffee maker because if you don’t get your beans ground nice and smooth, then your coffee may taste strange or be full of small grains. As both Saeco and Jura used built in coffee machines, you should know ahead of time what to expect. 

Saeco and Jura both take advantage of conical burr grinders in their machines. Because they make and sell espresso machines, they have decided to use one grinders across all their at home coffee makers. However, the difference between the two grinders lies in the materials used to make them.

Jura has chosen to make their conical burr grinders out of stainless steel whereas Saeco uses ceramic. The Saeco ceramic grinders won’t produce as much heat when being used and have a longer lifespan since they won’t get dull as quickly. Because of this, Saeco wins this section.


The boilers in your coffee machine are how your coffee is brewed and frothed. They transfer heat from the heating element to the head of the machine to provide perfect, frothy milk or freshly brewed espresso. Typical boilers are either single or double, but both Saeco and Jura add extra elements to their boilers to improve the performance.

Saeco uses single boilers on the more basic models such as the Minuto Pure. However, all their other models will use pricier technology like their Rapid Steam as well as double boilers. Jura follows the same business model: giving lower end machines only a single boiler and the more expensive, larger models double boilers and extra technology. 

Milk Frothers

If you really want a fully capable espresso machine, then you have to have a milk frother. Fortunately, both Jura and Saeco include milk frothers in their coffee machines, but use slightly different technology. 

Jura fits their machines with Fine Foam technology that is integrated into their frothing feature. This creates foam that is thicker and creamier at a more consistent rate. Saeco, on the other hand, has both a manual option or a one touch system. Some models carry both whereas others are only equipped with one of the other. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your coffee machine can be the most annoying part of owning one. Fortunately, both Saeco and Jura have made it not that difficult for any of their machines. 

Saeco machines are the easiest to clean. You can take apart the brewing section without much difficulty to rinse and clean them manually. Jura, on the other hand, has made things a bit more difficult. You aren’t able to remove the brewing units so in order to clean them, you have to purchase special cleaning tablets from Jura themselves.

While the cleaning tablets are easy to use and do a fantastic job at cleaning your machine, they will add to the cost of maintaining and using your coffee machine. If you don’t mind the extra cost or think it’s worth it in exchange for not having to clean the machine manually, then that’s fine. However, Saeco has the upper hand here as you won’t have to spend extra money to keep it clean and functioning.

Appearances and User Interface

A big part of automatic coffee machines is how appealing they are and how easy the user interface is to navigate. No one wants a coffee maker that is going to look too old fashioned when sitting in their kitchen and poorly designed coffee machines may look downright ugly. Luckily, both the Saeco and the Jura machines have an aesthetically appealing look and are stylish. 

Both brands produce models that look high end and modern. They blend into your kitchen without looking too out of place, but if they are noticed by guests, it will be due to how sleek they are. 

When it comes to the user interface, you certainly don’t want something that is going to be complicated and frustrating to work. If your first stop in the morning is to the kitchen to get some coffee, you don’t want to have to think about much else. Leaving a tired, coffee-less person to figure out how to run a complex coffee machine is not a good idea.

Saeco and Jura both have fairly intuitive and easy to navigate user interfaces. Saeco outfits their lower end models with an easy dial or a small selection of backlit buttons. They put digital displays on their more high end models that are almost too easy to use. Jura equips their lower end models with backlit buttons as well or a rotary switch dial. Just like Saeco, the higher end models have a digital touchscreen that is in full color. 


As you’ll notice fairly quickly when comparing Saeco and Jura, Jura tends to run at much higher prices. They offer similar models, but where Saeco may be more affordable, Jura will often run much higher while offering few or no extra features. 

Saeco lower end machines are often half as much as the Jura lower end machines, but this gap does not continue all the way up the line. Jura will always be more expensive, but it may be between a couple hundred dollars instead of twice as much. Still, it is certainly something to keep in mind and be aware of when shopping. 

Other Features

Both brands equip their models with different features depending on the price. Aside from built in grinders, advanced boilers, and added milk frothers, both Saeco and Jura are equipped with enough technology to keep your coffee machine in its prime. They both use a 15-bar pressure pump to provide the optimal pressure for espresso and an adjustable spout so you can change it depending on how much coffee you want. 

Both coffee brands fit their machines with a preheated brew system. This ensures that you will always have hot, fresh coffee instead of an uncomfortable cup of lukewarm coffee. The machines will heat your cup up before pouring the brew in to help extract even more flavour and make it taste even more delicious. 

Jura offers an automatic energy saving mode which can reduce power usage when not in use. Their machines also provide a fresh espresso in less than one minute for those who are in a rush during the morning. 

You can also use the hot water nozzles on these machines for making tea or hot chocolate when you’re not in the mood for coffee, making them good for multiple hot beverages.

Different Models

Now that you’ve seen how some of the features in both the Jura and the Saeco models vary, we’ll compare some of their most popular models right side by side. You can see exactly how each one is built and see how they compare. This isn’t a full list of available models and machines, but it should give you an idea of just what these brands are capable of producing.

Saeco Incanto Classic Milk Frother Espresso Machine

The first Saeco model here is one of their small, classic espresso machines. It’s compact and small which makes it great for those who don’t have a lot of counter space available to them. 

The Incanto Classic espresso machine is capable of making you fresh coffee out of coffee pods or ground beans, it’s up to you. The versatility really gives it an upper hand here and allows for you to change up your daily cup depending on your mood. The Incanto Classic does not have a built in grinder like most of Saeco’s automatic machines, so if you do choose to use coffee beans, make sure they are already ground up.

Just like all Saeco machines, the Incanto Classic comes with a 15-bar pressure pump to provide the best flavour of espresso. It includes a steam wand and milk frother as well so you can make delicious, frothy drinks easily.

This little machine is great for those who want the freedom of an at home coffee machine, but are limited in both space and budget. The Incanto Classic is one of Saeco’s cheaper models and a great way to start your home coffee bar.

Jura Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine

jura ena micro 1

Next up is a Jura machine. This little machine is super lightweight and makes the best out of minimal counter space. It’s small and fits perfectly on small or crowded counters, so you won’t have to worry about making lots of space available for it. 

Just like all Jura models, it has an energy saving mode that is automatic for when the machine is not actively in use. You’ll save on your power bill and you won’t have to unplug it after each use. The preheating mode will still work and you can have fresh coffee in less than a minute no matter how long you’ve left your machine sitting out.

The Ena Micro 1 does come with a built in grinder so you can put whole beans in the machine and still get delicious coffee in quick time. It’s a high quality stainless steel grinder like all of Jura’s models, providing great coffee and a smooth grind no matter when you use it.

One drawback to Jura’s small automatic coffee machine is that it does not have a frother, so you won’t get those light, frothy drinks. If you don’t mind having pure coffee that has no froth in it, then this may not be a problem for you. However, if you are a fan of frothy drinks, then you may find that the Jura Ena Micro 1 is not the automatic coffee machine for you.

Saeco Poemia Top Espresso Machine

This stainless steel espresso machine has a bit more of a classic look to it. It’s bigger than the Incanto Classic and perfect for those looking to buy a more professional coffee machine that won’t break the bank. This low budget espresso machine is easy to use and comes with the option of either coffee pods or coffee grounds. 

Just like the Incanto Classic, you have to make sure the coffee beans you put in this machine are ground up beforehand. It doesn’t come with a built in grinder, but it does still use the 15-bar pressure pump to provide delicious espresso. 

With powerful preheating technology and a cup warmer, this machine will make sure your coffee is top notch. You’ll get maximum flavour and a delicious brew. The machine has only a few simple buttons so you won’t get confused or frustrated, but still manages to accomplish all that’s expected and more. 

The Poemia has a warranty that will keep it covered in case of something unfortunate, but this affordable coffee machine is built so well, you probably won’t even think twice about the warranty. The machine is reliable and pleasing to the eye while remaining available at a decent price.

Jura Impressa C60 Automatic Coffee Center

jura c60

The last coffee machine on the list is by Jura. The Impressa C60 is impressive and simple to run. It uses very few buttons and a rotary switch operation, so you won’t have to stop and think before starting up the machine. Just as all Jura machines do, this one comes equipped with a 15-bar pressure pump to dish out the perfect espresso cup. 

The 64 ounce water tank on this coffee machine will keep you from having to refill after every cup you make. This is particularly great if you want to make several cups at a time or throughout the day.

The Impressa C60 also has an adjustable spout to change according to cup size. It won’t make a mess or splash when pouring your coffee and you don’t have to worry about overfilling a cup.

Because the Impressa Coffee Center is higher quality than other competitor models, it does weigh more than them. It won’t be so heavy you can’t lift it, but when comparing the weight to other similar models, you will certainly notice the heavier weight and the better build. 

Saeco Vs Jura: Final Verdict

At the end of the day, Jura and Saeco are both top notch brands that offer high quality, reliable products no matter which one you purchase. The biggest difference between the two is the price difference as they both have similar features and models. 

Jura is a great option for those who can spend a bit more on a coffee machine as they offer full warranties and have great customer service. If you’re just looking for a starter coffee machine for your home or have a smaller budget, then Saeco will be just as good. 

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