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Calling all coffee lovers. If you’re looking for an espresso machine that churns out coffee with the click of a button without taking up too much counter space, look no further than the Jura A1 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine. Whether you’re on the go, or relaxing with a cup of joe at home, you’ll enjoy the convenience and ease of using this innovative coffee maker. Here’s a breakdown of what the Jura A1 and its features consist of as well as an in-depth machine Jura a1 review.

Jura A1 Review – At A Glance

jura a1

The Swiss brand Jura has a wide variety of coffee products to satisfy any coffee drinker’s tastebuds. One of those products is the Jura A1 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine, which was built with the espresso-fanatic in mind. Not only does Jura a1 brew tasty coffee, but it’s also the most affordable model Jura offers. So, you can sip your coffee confidently, knowing you’re getting a high-quality taste without denting your wallet.

This Jura a1 coffee machine product is a single-serve quality espresso maker with an impressive brewing process capacity. Jura a1 also slim and sleek design, measuring at around 9.4 x 17.5 x 12 7 inches long, so you don’t have to stress about freeing up too much of your counter space. To make sure you’re getting a natural and full coffee flavor, this espresso machine uses a pulse extraction process p e each time it brews you.

Jura A1 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Design and Available Colors

Though Jura a1 is less expensive than other products, the Jura A1 coffee maker still shows off a stylish and elegant look. You can purchase this product in either piano-white or piano-black, giving you some options to allow you to better match your kitchen’s color scheme. If you’re familiar with Jura’s other quality products, you may realize that the Jura A1’s design is similar to the ENA Micro 1 product. The only key difference between these espresso machines is that the Jura A1 keeps it a little simpler by only featuring a touch control panel. This makes it easier for you to click, brew, and go.

As for the coffee spot section of this Jura a1 brewer, you’ll notice it’s sleek and adjustable. It can easily fit any size of cup you’re using that day, from a tiny glass for an espresso shot to a large to-go tumbler. On another spot of the espresso machine, you’ll find a bean hopper that’s around five ounces big. You can rely on this spot to keep your beans fresh all day long, so you can enjoy a natural and delicious espresso when you get home.

Right beside the hopper is a bypass doser made specifically for pre-ground coffee. You can easily adjust the levels of grind size by using the small chamber’s switch. On the machine’s boiler, you’ll see stainless steel-line aluminum. Jura a1 has a thermoblock design to make sure your cup of coffee is at your preferred temperature. The water tank/ water reservoir that sits at the back of the machine holds 37 ounces and is easy to use and remove when needed.

Easy Operation and Setup

When you first get started with your Jura A1, you can either pull out the manual that comes with it for easy to follow steps. If you’ve misplaced the manual, these steps should also be available on their website as well. When you first get started with it, you have the option to use the CLEARYL Blue Filter Cartridge. Take a look at your water hardness. If it’s close to 10 degrees, try it out with the cartridge first.

Once your liquid is taken care of, you can easily fill up the bean to cup container with roasted quality coffee beans that are untreated. Steer clear from sugar-treated, freeze-dried, coffee grounds, or ground coffee beans as these don’t work as well in the coffee machines. This product also comes with an aroma preservation cover, so your beans’ freshness will be locked in the bean hopper, guaranteeing a fresher and more natural first sip.

Right before grinding the beans, adjust the coffee strengths to your specifications. The control panel has drink options listed on it that allow you to find the exact type of espresso or coffee drink you’re craving. Once you’ve picked the drink, you’ll be able to select either strong or normal coffee strength.

This Jura a1 espresso machine also lets you change the amount of water you’re served. Put your cup right underneath the dual spot. You’ll then locate the Espresso symbol and hold it down until you see the Coffee and Ristretto espresso symbols appear and the Coffee Strengths and Espresso symbols start flashing. When it reaches the water amount you want, hit the Espresso symbol. A great feature of these coffee machines is that once you hit that button, the Jura machine remembers, so every time you’re craving an espresso the machine will dispense that exact amount until you change it.

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Maintaining and Cleaning the Machine

Cleaning out your coffee maker is never an exciting moment, but luckily the Jura A1 makes the process quick and simple. You’ll find three maintenance programs that will let you know when it’s time to clean and care for your Jura espresso machine. After either 80 switch-on rinses or 180 uses, the machine will sound an alarm informing you that it’s time to clean it. When the Jura a1 machine has guzzled around 2,000 ounces of water altogether, it’ll notify you that you need to change the water reservoir/ water tank filter.

Descaling the Jura a1 machine is also a fairly simple process to tackle and only takes approximately 30 minutes. Just grab descaling tablets and fill water up in the necessary places and you’ll have a cleaner machine. Don’t forget to empty your dregs basket by sliding it out from the front of the Jura machine. You’ll also need to wipe down the outer surface of the Jura coffee machine and rinse the drip tray to maintain a clean and hygienic coffee maker. Jura a1 has also a wide drip tray.

Features of Jura A1 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Though we’ve briefly reviewed a few of them, there are several different features the Jura A1 offers that make it even more convenient to use. These impressive features include:

  • Pulse extraction process– This feature extracts your beans so you can get a natural, fresh and delicious taste. The coffee machine pushes its pulse pressure into the brew unit for the ultimate extraction experience to give you consistent and delicious flavors with each sip you take.
  • Aroma preservation seal– Don’t let that delicious coffee bean scent escape your Jura coffee machine with this seal. Instead of having to separately store your beans in a different container, you can just put them into this compartment without worrying about losing the freshness.
  • Easy to program- This Jura compact machine makes it easy to get the exact amount of coffee you need at the push of a button. It has a simple design, while also making it easy for you to adjust your dosage amounts. You’ll simply select the type of coffee strength you want, which are espresso, ristretto, or larger amounts of coffee quality. You also have two levels of coffee strength to choose from, which are regular and strong.
  • Conical burr grinder– For faster grind time, the machine contains an Aroma G3 Grinder. It allows you to easily adjust how fine or coarse you’d like your ground coffee to be just by moving the switch in the direction of your desired setting. If you turn the switch to the right, you’ll get fine grinds and coarse grinds if you move to the left.
  • Touchscreen controls– You can easily find what you’re looking for using the touchscreen control panels right at the front of the coffee machine. It projects all of the symbols clearly so they’re easy for you to understand and do it just touch of a button. Press the illuminated buttons that your desired cup size as well. You’ll also know if there are any issues happening to your Jura A1, as the screen will display lights to tell you which errors are occurring to the machine.
  • Energy-saver mode– This machine uses this eco-friendly feature to save energy by putting itself into energy-saving mode if you haven’t used it for five minutes. As it sits there during the day, it’ll shut itself off after two hours of no one using it.
  • Adjustable coffee spout– If you’re regularly drinking coffee out of all different sizes of cups each day, you’ll love this adjustable coffee spout. It caters to cups that are two-inches in size all the way to 5 inches, allowing you to pick cup sizes in between these lengths.

Brewing and Tasting the Coffee

When you’re ready to regularly brew and drink your coffee, add your fresh beans to the bean hopper. You can also use the bypass doser to pre-grind your coffee. If you choose whole beans, sit back and watch the multi-level AromaG3 grinder work its magic. It’ll quickly grind the beans up and will produce a fresh smelling aroma since the coffee machine does such a good job of storing your beans and keeping them from drying out.

If you select the one-bean touch button, you’ll get seven grams of coffee. When you hit the three-bean touch button, you’ll get 10 grams of coffee in your cup. You’ll then have the choice between the delicious coffee, espresso or ristretto flavors. This Jura a1 coffee machine doesn’t have a milk frother like others, so if you prefer your coffee a little creamer, consider adding your own creamer or milk frothing after grinding and brewing your cup.

Since this is a single brew machine, it’ll make one shot at a time. You’re guaranteed that each shot will be smooth and tasty each time. When you take a sip, you’ll taste a strong and rich coffee flavor. These espresso machines do an effective job at creating a strong brew, rather than a soupy or runny drink that some coffee makers often produce.

You’ll consistently taste a good flavor every time you use this Jura a1 machine, provided you regularly keep up with the necessary routine cleaning and maintenance. The coffee maker works to wet your beans down before initially the brewing process of the coffee. This helps the flavor become stronger and more lasting in every sip.

In addition to storing the beans properly for a natural taste, this Jura machine also keeps the water that goes through the filter fresh at all times. This helps avoid hard water, which can tend to make your coffee taste bitter or sour, rather than smooth and delicious. The CLARIS Blue filter located in this Jura ine works to reduce the minerals within your water that may worsen your coffee’s overall quality and taste.


jura a1

Finding a great coffee maker that creates classic and delicious espresso shots can sometimes be a challenging thing to do. Luckily, the Jura A1 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine provides quality coffee with a simple button push. The advanced features it offers also give you plenty of options for the type of strength and size you need to satisfy your tastebuds. Take some time of to take a look at related posts and review this Jura a1 review with its features and capabilities to determine if this is the type of machine that meet your needs and preferences as a coffee lover.

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