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Porcelain tile is one of the best flooring materials out there. Durable, stylish, and usually easy to clean. But if you happen to have porcelain tile that looks like wood, do you clean it the same way? You don’t need to deal with scratches and chips in porcelain flooring like you do with hardwood, but you do still need to maintain your flooring. That means learning how to clean your porcelain tile that looks like wood. Read on for how to clean tile that looks like wood!

How to Clean Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood

Let’s talk about daily cleaning. You only need a mop to do the actual cleaning—like you would use with any other flooring. If you want to use a steam mop, that’s a good option as well. You have a lot of option when it comes to cleaning your tile though if you want it to keep looking great.


First off, know that it’s not a bad idea to continually vacuum your tile flooring. Just doing some light vacuuming will help you clean the dust and the crumbs that settle on your flooring. You can also sweep if you don’t want to use your vacuum, or don’t own one. This will help you get at areas that you miss with the vacuum, like within corners or under tables.


You won’t be able to get everything with just a vacuum or broom. That’s why you need a damp mop to help you out. Use it to clean your floor on a regular basis, even if you just do a quick pass over the tiles. Just make sure that you rinse out the mop to ensure that you’re not cleaning your floors with dirty water.

Look into buying a spin mop to help you wring out the water with greater ease, and which will make cleaning your tiles much easier than they would be otherwise.

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Detergent Options

You have your mop ready to clean, but when you’re cleaning, you can use more than just water. Pick out a neutral detergent that will help you maintain the look of your flooring without the additives that come along with other detergents. This will help you avoid deposit left on your floors, along with any streaks or marks left on the surface.

How to make wood look tile shine? Try using a combination of white vinegar and some water, which will help clean up your home while making sure that it still smells fresh.

Cleaning Spills

You’ve spilt something on your tile. Don’t panic, but it is important for you to clean up right away. Whether you spill some milk or some pasta sauce, leaving it will make your floors sticky and dirty, and can actually cause the wooden tiles to discolor if you don’t clean it up right away.

So, how to clean wooden tile floor? Just grab a cloth rag and wet it with some water. You can even go over the area with some white vinegar, which will prevent any residue from building up as you go along—not to mention that it will keep your home smelling fresh.

Protecting Your Tile

After you’re done cleaning, you can even protect your tile against future spills or dirt using a few cleaning products out there. What you choose is up to you, but a good product will help protect your porcelain wood flooring without leaving streaks, and will ensure that dirt becomes less likely to stick to your tile in the future.


You have some great-looking tiles that look like wood. But how to clean wood tile floors? This is one of the best flooring options, since it’s both durable and stylish, but you might be wondering how to clean it properly. You won’t need to worry much though, since it’s easy to clean as long as you have a good mop and cleaning product in your arsenal. Stock up on cleaning supplies and get to work. With the right cleaning, you can be sure that your tile stays looking good for years to come.


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