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Cat owners know how tough it can be to get kitty litter cleaned up, especially when you see it tracking throughout your home. Even if you’ve purchased a ‘non-tracking’ litter, a litter box to reduce mess, or trained your cat to reduce litter messes, it still gets tracked through the home. The best way to handle this? Getting one of the best vacuums for kitty litter. 

Cat owners have tried everything to get rid of the litter mess, whether the method is successful or not. The fact is, people are still looking for the ideal way to clean up cat litter. There are a few things we should look into before we get too into the search, though.

Cat Litter Can Damage Vacuums

If you’re not getting a specialized vacuum for pet messes, you may end up with a bigger mess than you started with. That’s because kitty litter works much like cement. When it comes into contact with even a little moisture, it tends to clump up and solidify. That can break your vacuum with you even realizing it.

Many vacuum manufacturers have seen this flaw, and are moving to meet the needs of pet owners needing a convenient solution. Our list of vacuums will help you find the best pet vacuums, but you can also get a quick look with our comparison chart here. 

How Does Cat Litter Damage Vacuums?

Well, you can use a vacuum to clean up cat litter, and it works to good effect in general. With that said, even fantastic vacuum cleaners can get rundown by overuse on cleaning up cat litter. Experts will tell you that cat litter does eventually start getting stuck within the vacuum’s inner workings. This leads the vacuum cleaner to slow down, and over time, stop working.

That’s because vacuum cleaners weren’t really designed to clean up litter, even if they can do the job sometimes.


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Best Vacuum for Cat Litter Review

  1. Shark Rotator TruePet Upright NV752: Best Vacuum for Cat Litter

shark rotator pet

Shark is no stranger to the market. No matter what pets or kind of home you have, the Shark Rotator vacuum tops the list as number one. Shark Rotator can get ground in dirt, even if it’s really stuck in your carpets. You’ll also love how easy to control it is, since the switches are all right on the handle grip. 

The nice thing for owners with shedding pets is the brushroll, that’s powerful enough to get up any pet mess. You’ll be able to clean your entire house if you detach the vacuum.


You can get the most effective cleaning with this vacuum of you use the LED light and swivel steering together. You’d do well to get familiar with the controls at the handle, which makes it easier to get the best clean.

It’s tempting to look at typical specs when you’re buying a vacuum: height, weight, cord length, etc. Other things, like the motor, are equally important to look for, if not more. In this case the Shark Rotator NV752 has a fantastic motor. 


  • Well sealed, won’t let debris and particles out
  • Includes convenient cleaning attachments
  • Dust cup is well designed
  • Conveniently located push controls are very user friendly


  • Use caution when using the controls on the handle, or you will accidentally empty the dirt collection on the floor you just cleaned

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  1. ILIFE V3s Pro-Robotic Vacuum

Best robot vacuum for cat litter

ilife v3

The ILIFE V3s Pro-Robotic vacuum is a newer version of the previous model, with attractive features for pet owners, like updated pet hair lifting technology. 

iRobot vs iLife

This vacuum is really convenient, since it has plenty of programmable options. You can set up your own cleaning schedule, and let the vacuum go back to base when it’s low on battery with the auto charge feature. What’s more, it has a smart sensor to help it navigate and detect dirt, as well as anti bump technology to keep it from running into things. It’s one of the best and most efficient vacuums available today. 

It has a slim, low profile body, making it easier than ever to get narrow spots (like under furniture) cleaned up. That means all the best places for you cat to hide and leave shed hair behind stay clean too.

Another bonus: the pet hair pick up technology really cleans up all kinds of pet messes and debris. That also means that yes, the V3s does also pick up cat litter messes. 



Because the ILIFE V3s has such a slim design, it can get into the spots you (and a regular upright) can’t. Get this robotic vacuum to clean in the places you struggle to get to. The smart sensor is your new best friend when it comes to maintaining you V3s robot vacuum. There’s no more getting up to check if something needs tending to on the vacuum; the smart sensor will alert you to practically any maintenance or cleaning issues that need to be addressed. 

ILIFE V3s Pro-Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair is definitely an option to consider if you want a cleaner that can handle all kinds of pet messes from shed hair, to ground in dirt, to kitty litter. Another thing you’ll love about this vacuum is the handy low profile design and ultra light weight (it comes in at only 4 ½ lbs). 


  • Low profile allows access to clean areas that other vacuums can’t get to
  • Cleans floors very efficiently
  • Automatic features like auto charge, auto clean and power make it user friendly
  • Very lightweight at 4 ½ lbs


  • Less battery life
  • Slimmer power cable


3. Bissell Bolt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum – Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for cat litter

bissell bolt

This cordless stick vacuum will be the perfect option if you are looking for a vacuum that you can easily carry to your area of cleaning. The Bissell Bolt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum (1954) is a high quality vacuum that is capable of picking even the tiniest pieces of dust and dirt without any problems. It can clean cat litter, pet dander and can be used to fulfill many other cleaning purposes. An added bonus of buying this vacuum is the $10 that goes to the Bissell Pet Foundation upon purchase.

This vacuum is exceptionally easy to handle and maneuverable. The removable handle makes it easy to move around your cleaning area, and also makes it easier to store once you are finished cleaning. On top of the superior quality that this vacuum cleaner offers you, this adds a whole new level of convenience for you.

Instead of using a power cord and hose, this vacuum runs on a 14.4V Lithium Ion battery that can last for over 25 minutes. This amount of power and battery life will allow you to clean the entirety of your house with ease. The large sized dust cup will be able to hold everything you clean up in that time span without the need to take a break to empty it.


Focus on purchasing this vacuum if you want one capable of sucking up cat litter, pet hair, and dander. Since this is a cordless vacuum cleaner, you will be able to easily carry it wherever you need to take it around your house. You can fold it and take it apart to give yourself an easier time of carrying it.

You will be able to clean all types of surfaces in your house, such as carpet, upholstery, hardfloor, stairs, and many more. The Bissell Bolt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum (1954) is one of the best options you can choose to clean cat litter from your home in almost an instant.


  • Comes included with a 2 year warranty.
  • Contributes $10 to the Bissell Pet Foundation upon the purchase of this vacuum.
  • Lightweight (5.8 lbs)
  • Includes a crevice tool
  • 25 minute battery life


  • Not as effective on upholstery or dirty carpets
  • Has difficulty cleaning laminated floor


4. Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Hardwood Floor Bagless, Stick Pet Vacuum

bissell poweredge

The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A will be able to satisfy all of its customers and help them accomplish everything they need to do. Here is a solid review for this particular vacuum.


The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A is one of the most affordable high quality vacuums you can use to clean cat litter. The price never exceeds $70 on many online stores, which is an amazing deal for a powerful vacuum. It can clean pet dander, cat litter, and dust from any corner of your house with ease, even the most difficult ones.

This vacuum has a V shaped design that is meant to attract and easily suck up dirt. You can reach as far in your house you need without breaks with the 20-ft long power cord. Overall, this is a convenient and powerful option for cleaning cat litter.

The V-shape design that works hard to collect dust is one of the best qualities of The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A. You will have an easier time cleaning thanks to this feature. Its V-shape design will accomplish most of the cleaning work for you so you will not have to experience any complications. Once you have learned to take control of this feature, cleaning will be a breeze.

The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A is one of the best options available for dealing with cat litter and pet hair. The V-shape will be able to catch even the most difficult to reach messes and draw them to the center for easy suction.


  • 20-ft long power cord to prevent relocating power sources
  • Works with all types of floors
  • Lightweight (7.5 lbs)
  • Takes up less power than many other vacuums
  • V-shape reaches more difficult to reach areas


  • The longer power cord can become a problem in smaller spaces 


5. Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel

hoover t series

The Hoover T-Series UH70210 should definitely not be overlooked by any cat owners wanting to buy a vacuum for the main purpose of cleaning up cat litter. The vacuum is bagless, as well as being packed with features you won’t find in any other vacuum on the market. 

Being easy to operate needs to be a key feature of any good vacuum for cleaning cat litter. Not all vacuums are up to the task, some might even get damaged from cat litter. Thankfully this model can handle the task with absolute ease. It also has the added bonus of having a total of five different adjustable positions, meaning you can clean every corner of your home with ease. 

Storage is definitely not an issue with this vacuum, in fact it couldn’t be any easier, just simply fold the handle and this compact vacuum can be stored with ease no matter how tight you might be on space. 

This model is also a ‘Rewind’ vacuum, which simply means that the 25-foot power cord is easily rewound back into the vacuum by a simple press of a button and takes just a few seconds. 


If you have plenty of space in your home, you have a lot more options when it comes to picking a vacuum model, but for those in smaller homes, where space is limited, this vacuum is perfect thanks to its foldable handle, allowing it to be stored in a small space taking up very little room in your home. 

By utilizing all 5 positions that this vacuum can be adjusted to, you can clean every part of your home. Even the awkward spots, with ease. The automatic rewind feature on this model is a great time saver. Vacuuming takes enough time without having to spend 5 minutes winding back up the cord when you’re finished the job. 


  • Quick and effortless automatic rewind at the simple touch of a button 
  • LED indicator to notify you when the filter needs to be changed  
  • 5 adjustable position allow you to reach places you wouldn’t normally be able to with other vacuums 


  • At 18.7lbs, this vacuum is quite heavy 


6. Electrolux EL4335B Ultra Flex Corded Canister Vacuum – Best Canister Vacuum for Cat Litter

electrolux ultra flex

The Premium Electrolux EL4335B Ultra Flex is perfect for use in the home and is noted by many for being the absolute best canister vacuum on the market for vacuuming cat litter. This model has a total of 3 different adjustable positions allowing you to really get into pretty much every area of your home effectively. 

The suction power on this vacuum is adjustable allowing for the most efficient HEPA filtration while also having its own brushroll built in that can be switched on and off with ease. Emptying this bagless vacuum couldn’t be any easier thanks to the slim dust cup which is opened with a simple press of a button for easy emptying. 

This vacuum covers a wide area thanks to the 21-foot power cord combined with an 8-foot hose. It can be stored either vertically or horizontally in your home allowing for some flexibility. 


You don’t need to worry about not being able to get around your home with this vacuum, in fact, thanks to the 21-foot power cord, you could plug it in in one side of your home and then proceed to vacuum the opposite side of your home without having to switch to another plug. The 8-foot hose also allows you to reach every corner in your home with ease. 

You can fold the vacuum for easy transportation to the upstairs of your home. This vacuum has the added bonus of an included 5-year limited warranty, a great bonus once you look after your vacuum and use it as intended and advised. 


  • This vacuum is extremely lightweight, perfect for those with multiple floors in their home. 
  • The user can access a wide-ranging area thanks to the length of the cord and the hose. 
  • Added bonus of a manufacturers 5-year limited warranty 
  • This vacuum is very quiet to use. 


  • The hose is a little still which can be hard to navigate at first. 
  • Some users have complained about the standard of the head of this vacuum. 


7. Shark Rotator Professional NV501 Lift-Away– best vacuum for cat litter

shark rotator professional

Shark is well known to be a manufacturer of one of the highest quality and most reputable vacuum cleaners on the market. This professional grade vacuum cleaner works amazingly on cat litter and include a premium brushroll. This brushroll is amazing at picking up pet hairs as well as cat litter with results you have to see to believe. 

This vacuum has an extra-large, professional grade dust cup, which allows for large amounts of cleaning without requiring emptying. It also comes with a very easy to read manual. 


Thanks to the extra-large dust cup, you can clean your entire home without having to worry about stopping to empty it. Don’t overlook this vacuum’s amazing 2-in-1 Lift-away feature, a great added bonus not found in other vacuums on the market. A reputable brand name and an extra-large dust cup are perfect features for those looking for the best cat litter vacuum on the market. 


  • Includes a 5-year limited warranty. 
  • Comes with an extra-large dust cup for extended cleaning time. 
  • Includes an LED light that works to locate dirt in your home. 
  • The premium brushroll included works amazingly at picking up pet hair on all surfaces throughout your home. 


  • If you need a replacement part, even if the original was faulty, you will still be required to pay the postage cost. 


8. Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Hardwood Floor

bissell 81L2A

The BLACK + DECKER CHB1410L vacuum can be easily ranked as one of the best vacuums for cleaning cat litter. It is cordless and easy to carry, and this review will help you get an understanding of exactly how useful this vacuum is. 

On top of the high quality power and convenience that it offers, it is easily affordable and accessible. The 16V Lithium Ion battery will be able to give this vacuum enough battery life to keep running strong for as long as you need it to. Who wouldn’t be jumping for joy at a deal like this for such a great vacuum.

A vacuum with a battery life this long is sure to remain durable through many uses. Additionally, the Smart Charge Technology feature will allow you to save as much as 50 percent energy while in use. This power saving ability will prove to be a huge benefit to you.

Many of the applications on this vacuum is capable of being detached and reattached for an easy job of cleaning and replacing parts. The features of this vacuum are basically a must-have for any pet owner.


The CHB1410L vacuum is an amazing vacuum to keep around your house for an easy and effective job of cleaning. One of the most important things to know about this vacuum is how to properly charge it when it runs out of battery. Otherwise, owning and operating this vacuum will be a much more difficult task.

The BLACK + DECKER CHB1410L comes fully charged and many people say that it takes a very good while of usage to start draining the battery. This strong battery life will work to benefit you even more than other types of vacuums.

The combination of affordability and high quality in the BLACK + DECKER CHB1410L vacuum is what really sets this product apart from other vacuums available on the market. The 16V Lithium Ion battery and the vacuum itself is exceptionally durable and will be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


  • Comes designed with an extra big fan
  • Capable of cleaning a great amount of cat litter very easily 
  • Able to continue running for a long time with a complete charge
  • High quality and very affordable
  • One of the most lightweight options for a vacuum (2.6 lbs)


  • Many people complain that it takes a while to run properly for a while after receiving a full charge
  • Charging this vacuum fully is a time consuming task


9. Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Hardwood Floor

The Miele New Complete vacuum has an upright canister that collects your pets’ fur. It is considered a high-end vacuum for its suction power and its ability to clean up after your animals. 

Although this article is for my cat lovers out there, I want you to know that this will also work for dog owners as well. If you’re a family with both, then you may find that this vacuum fits all of your needs. The motor on this vacuum gives you six different speeds to choose from. 

The button that adjusts the speed is conveniently located at the base of the vacuum so that you can use your foot to change the speeds while simultaneously steering it where it needs to go with your hands. Along with this is the vacuum’s high-velocity suction power. At 1200 watts, it gives you the ultra powered suction you need to pick up the particles of dust and dander from your cat and its litter. 


If you are a cat owner or pet owner in general, I would recommend this product. 

Get familiar with your new vacuum. Practice using it with your feet and your hands so that you can maneuver it around and adjust the settings as needed. The speed controls are located at the feet which is a different set-up than most vacuums. Once you get the hang of this, you will find the vacuum easy to use. 

Being that this a higher-end vacuum cleaner, know that you are getting what you pay for. With its high power and adjustable features, you can’t go wrong. If cost is still an issue, Amazon has several sellers of this vacuum with competitive prices. Look at all of your options before choosing a brand you may not be happy with in the long run.  


  • Great for litter, cat hair and dog hair.
  • With six different speeds, you can personalize your experience for deeper cleaning.
  • Comes with accessories 


  • Price may be an issue for some.
  • Weighs about 19lbs but thoroughly cleans the carpet. 

Buying a Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Litter

So you’ve done your research and now you are ready to take the plunge and purchase a special vacuum to clean up after your cat. Here are the final things to consider: 


Depending on the size of your home and where your cat’s litter box is located, you are going to want something that will be easy to maneuver. You don’t want to make the situation any more difficult or frustrating than it may already be.

Another thing to consider about portability is weight. If hauling around a heavier vacuum doesn’t bother you, then go for it. If you are tackling something like small corners and stairs, you might want a smaller and lighter option. There is also a compromise between these two options and that is to get a vacuum that can remain stationary while the extensions of it can reach the difficult areas without you having to lug it around.  

Toughness and Durability

Most pet vacuums have additional features that normal vacuums do not and they could cost you a bit more than a traditional vacuum. If you are willing to pay more you want to make sure that it is going to last a while. 

Also, you may find getting the warranty on your vacuum may be a good idea. Should something happen, the manufacturer may be able to cover it at no cost to you.

Suction Power

A vacuum can only be as good as its suction. When cleaning up cat fur and litter, there is fine particles and dust to consider. You want to make sure that you have a vacuum that has enough suction power so  that it will pull up even the most stubborn dirt. 

Corded vs. Cordless

This is also a personal preference. Many people enjoy the convenience of a cordless vacuum but also have to remember to charge it for the next use. Some don’t want the tripping hazard of a cord. Some people find that corded vacuums provide more power. 

This is a personal preference since there are so many great options on the market for both today. 

Preventing Litter Tracking 

One of the biggest nuisances of cat litter is its ability to track everywhere. Whether it’s from foot traffic from the family or your own cat’s paws, litter travels far away from its designated spot. To avoid having to vacuum this frequently, there are ways to prevent the litter from scattering. 

Use Mats

Many pet stores offer mats that can be placed under the litter box. These mats are designed to trap any litter that escapes the box and keeps it from getting to other parts of your home. They are easy to clean, often requiring a simple hose-off outside after the excess litter is shaken out of it. 

Spare Room

Space is everything when it comes to deciding where to place your cats litter box. Having a designated area not only makes it less confusing for your cat, but allows you to have a special space with which to trap the litter. 

This will also make it easier to clean and can keep offensive odors away from the main areas of the house. 

Give Your Cat a High-Sided Litter Box

Cats tend to kick out mounds of litter from their box, often leaving a heap for you to scoop back in or out before you can even vacuum the area. A box with high sides will help to keep the litter in while your cat is kicking it around. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, the types of vacuums provided in this guide have given you a better idea of what your needs are when it comes to a cat litter vacuum. By reviewing the tips, pros and cons, and buyer’s guide, I hope you have a decent understanding of what these vacuums do and how they can work for you. 

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