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We know that Shark products are noteworthy, but sometimes you still need to test a vacuum for yourself. That’s why we put these Shark vacuums to the ultimate test: picking up after your pets. If you have pets, then you already know where this is going; pets are some of the most difficult parts of the family to clean up after.

The best shark vacuum for pets? The Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra Light! It’s so powerful and so easy to use, maneuver and navigate.

While we know that a Shark vacuum can take the test of cleaning up pet hair, they have some models that go above and beyond. As fellow pet owners and vacuum users, we’ve tested the top 4 Shark vacuums for pet hair and compiled this guide for you.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you don’t want to use a handheld vacuum, but you still need a good vacuum for cleaning up pet messes, all of the Shark vacuums here can do the job. The main differences come in the budget you’ve set, and the extra features you want to be included.

If you want a short rundown of the models we’ve covered, here’s a preview.

ModelMy Notes
Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet
This is our top choice of the Shark pet vacuums. It’s affordable, while still providing plenty of flexibility and cleaning power.

Shark Navigator FreestyleThis cordless vacuum is the most budget-friendly of the Shark vacuums on our list. It has great suction power but will need to be recharged after about 15 minutes of cleaning. This is a good choice for people on a budget that still want a convenient solution to deal with pet messes.

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-light
Out of all the Shark vacuums, this is the easiest to maneuver and carry around. Even better, it weighs in at only 9 lbs. While it doesn’t deliver as much suction power as the other models, it’s highly convenient; you can turn it into a handheld to clean tough spots.

Shark Rocket Complete HV382
This vacuum has ample power and doesn't lose any of it when you convert it from an upright to a handheld vacuum. This makes it both functional and versatile. For people that like the convenience of a handheld vac, that doesn't want to lose the power of an upright vacuum this is a good choice.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed with DuoClean
It's a great choice for homes with allergy sufferers since it uses a HEPA filter. It's also great for homes with both carpet and hard flooring. It delivers plenty of maneuverability and suction power.

Top Shark Vacuums If You Have Pets

Shark is a company that’s gaining a lot of attention, but they’re not new by any means. Shark has been crafting quality products for more than a century now, and other big names brands are starting to watch their backs. It comes as no surprise that after all this time they’ve perfected their product design. In fact, they’ve become a bigger competitor to Dyson late.

Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet



  •  Cleans well on all surfaces
  • Includes allergy reducing HEPA filter
  • Converts from handheld to upright to canister (3 in 1 design)
  • Includes tools for upholstery and hard floors


  • Not as easy to maneuver
  • Heavier than other vacuum models

Details About Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet

There are plenty of reasons that this model ranks top on our list. The key points where it excels are the included accessories and versatility that pet owners need.

It's so Versatile:

Don’t confuse maneuverability with versatility. While it isn’t as easy to maneuver, it converts with a 3 in 1 design that caters to pet owners. You can use it as an upright, canister or handheld vacuum.

Features a TruePet Motorized Brush:

This brush is designed for picking up pet hair, and it’s electrically powered. It spins as it gathers up the pet hair. This is more effective than other attachment pet hair brushes.

It's Powerful:

This Shark vacuum is refreshingly quiet when you’re cleaning, although still very powerful. The power is surprisingly effective, which pet owners will love. Most vacuums that meet the standards and versatility of the Rotator NV752 are either expensive or very loud. With a perfect balance of function, high powered suction, versatility, and a reasonable price point, this is truly a vacuum for pet parents. Even better, you can trust it’ll take care of cleaning any surface in your home, whether it’s carpet, tile, or upholstery.

Key Features:

  • HEPA allergen filter
  • Comes with the electric motorized pet hair tool
  • Weighs 15.6 lbs
  • Includes LED light wand to help cleaning in dark spots

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Uses a HEPA filter
  • Strong suction power
  • Works on hard floors and carpet
  • Inexpensive and easy to maintain


  • Has a high center of gravity (less balanced)
  • The hose could be longer for easier use
  • The cleaner head isn't as wide as others
  • Doesn’t handle high pile carpet well

Details About Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed with DuoClean Technology NV803

This Shark Rotator model is a solid option for pet parents that want a vacuum specifically to take care of pet messes. It may not be as powerful as the TruePet or include the additional accessories, but it does a good job nonetheless.

DuoClean Technology - What is it?

DuoClean Technology means that this vacuum has dual brushrolls working in tandem. The bristle brush roll helps get heavier debris out of the carpet while the soft brush caters to homes with hardwood flooring. For hard floors, just turn off the first brush roll and use the second, soft one to clean without damaging your floor.

HEPA Filters:

The Shark Rotator Lift-Away comes with an allergen-containing HEPA filter, which helps if you have both pets and allergies. Another bonus: the filters are eco-friendly, and can be washed and reused, so you’re saving money on replacement filters too.

Key Features:

  • Uses DuoClean system
  • Weighs 14 ½ lbs
  • Brush rolls are easy to maintain
  • Comes with an accessory bag, pet power brush, special cleaning wand, crevice tool, and the Pet multi-tool

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-light


  • Anyone can use this vacuum since it’s lightweight- it’s only 8.6 pounds
  • There’s a motorized pet removal tool included
  • Collect more pet hair with the larger dustbin compared to previous models
  • Clean out the pet hair from corners and your car, since it easily converts to a handheld


  • You can't turn off the brushes for hardwood floors
  • You won’t be able to stand up this vacuum on its own
  • The vacuum itself is lightweight, but it’s heavy using it one-handedly as a handheld
  • There is no HEPA filter
  • This is a smaller vacuum; this means that it’s less powerful

Details About TruePet Ultra-light

Instead of picking up a Dyson, you can check out the TruePet Ultra-light as an alternative. You’ll have the same design and function without paying for the Dyson branding. There are a few other features which make the TruePet unique as well.

Great Maneuverability:

As the name suggests, the TruePet is an ultralight vacuum. That makes it one of the most maneuverable vacuums on my list. It’s light and easy to push around, especially with the swivel head. The bin is near the top too, which only makes it easier to use. Instead of pushing around an especially heavy bin and bulky container, you’ll have much more maneuverability.

LED Headlights:

You don’t see headlights on your vacuum every day. Most brands don’t have headlights installed to let you see when you move around, but Shark is lighting the way, quite literally. Use your LED lights to see hair stuck in small crack and crevices or under furniture, without having to turn on the flashlight app on your phone.

Good Power:

The whole point of this vacuum is to clean a large surface area in a shorter amount of time. You're not paying to clean a single spot super well, but to move throughout your house with the swivel steering. You'll be able to clean both carpeting and hard flooring, but you won't have the power that you'd find in a traditional upright vacuum like the Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet.

Key Features:

  • Swivel steering to help you get around your home easier
  • A 5-year warranty if there are any problems with broken pieces
  • 30 feet of power cord; you never have to unplug when you’re moving
  • LED lights meant to make it easier to find pet hair and dirt in the house

Shark Navigator Freestyle

shark navigator freestyle


  • This vacuum will remain standing when you leave it
  • The entire thing is cordless, meaning you’ll never get tripped up
  • Use it on either carpet or hardwood flooring
  • You can even clean large debris thanks to the opening in the middle of the base
  • It is generally less expensive; costs less than $100


  • Since there is no cord, it's battery-powered and only lasts 15 minutes
  • The vacuum itself is difficult to clean
  • Doesn’t work well with deep cleaning
  • There are no included hoses or accessories

Details About The Shark Navigator Freestyle

This vacuum is perfect for a small home or apartment. You don't need something monstrous for a small space, or just one pet. That makes this Shark vacuum the perfect option, especially with these features.

Good Amount of Power:

Honestly, this vacuum doesn’t quite have the same amount of power as other corded upright vacuums. It can’t get in deep to clean your carpets, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good option for light cleaning.

Cordless Power & The Battery

Yes, you will only be able to use your vacuum for 15 minutes. If you live in a small house though, that should be enough time to clean your carpets, hard floor, or upholstery in just one pass around. Honestly, most of us don’t want to be spending more than 15 minutes doing the vacuuming anyway.

While you're vacuuming, remember that this is a cordless option. You can go anywhere without worrying about a cord reaching. This means that you can even go out to the back porch or the car, although you might want to look into other cordless vacuums if you're thinking of using one specifically for the outdoors.

Oh, and about the battery: it’s replaceable. Like all batteries, it will lose its charge over time. This will cost you about $50 for the replacement, but you won’t need to replace your entire vacuum.

Best Roomba Series for Pets

Key Features:

  • This is cordless, which may be good or bad depending on what you prefer
  • You’ll have a one-year warranty in case you need it
  • Includes a 14.4-volt Ni-MH battery
  • It will run for 15 minutes and take 4-7 hours to fully recharge

Shark Rocket Complete HV382


  • There is strong suction with this vacuum
  • The filters are washable so it’s always in top shape
  • You get lots of attachments to try out with your purchase
  • Clean using this vacuum as either a handheld or an upright vacuum


  • You'll have to lean this vacuum when you're not holding it since it's not freestanding
  • There is no included HEPA filter
  • The canister is small and will need lots of emptying
  • When you convert it to a handheld, it will be bulky
  • The vacuum itself is loud

Details About Shark Rocket Complete HV382

The Shark Rocket Complete is a good mix between a traditional upright vacuum and a lighter stick vacuum. You’ll notice some benefits and drawbacks of each when it comes to features like power.


One of the most notable features of the HV382 is power. It works just as well as an upright vacuum, although ironically enough, it's unable to stand upright. Like stick vacuums, this is a common flaw. It shouldn't impact your cleaning too much though, as long as you can lean the vacuum against something.

Included Accessories:

You get tons of accessories when you make your Shark Rocket purchase. Some of these you might expect, but others will be more unique. Here’s the complete list:

  • A mini motorized brush
  • Wand to get under appliances
  • A tool for upholstery
  • Brush for dusting
  • Another brush to help you get into crevices
  • Of course, a bag for all of these accessories
  • A wall mount for the vacuum to make storage easy

The mini motorized brush is the same brush you can find with other vacuums on my list. It will simply attach onto your vacuum’s hose to help you clean more effectively as the brushes spin to pull up pet hair from your upholstery.

Shark is the only vacuum that has the under-appliance wand though. It's shaped like a small tube and is meant to help you clean places like underneath the fridge without forcing you to move the fridge.

Key Features:

  • Does include LED headlights
  • Also has a long 5-year warranty
  • Only weighs 9.9 pounds and is easy to move around
  • Maneuver it through your house with the 30-foot cord

The Verdict:

We love our pets, but pet messes are a hassle. Pet mess doesn't have to be difficult to clean up when you have the right quality and brand of vacuum to help you clean up the pet hair and litter. Shark is this brand. They’ve proven themselves, and it helps that they’re generally less expensive compared to other brands, without sacrificing the quality of cleaning.

Winner! Best Overall:

The best of the best has to be the Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet. It balances power, versatility, and affordability too, although it doesn’t maneuver as well as some of the smaller models available. This shouldn’t be a problem if you prioritize the strength and cleaning quality.

Versatile for Many Purposes:

You want a vacuum that makes your life easier with its versatility. In this case, choose the Rocket Complete HV382. You’ll receive lots of attachments, and it can work as an upright or handheld as well. Clean areas you wouldn’t normally be able to reach while still using lots of power.

Great Value for Budget:

All Shark vacuums are great budget options. But the best would be the Shark Navigator Freestyle. It will clean most messes in a small area. Remember that it only cleans for 15 minutes though, and will not work for larger homes. It’s usually under $100 though, which is a wonderful option for that price.

Easiest to Use and Maneuver:

If you want to clean everything, the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-light is one of the best out there. It’s under 9 pounds and is perfect for everyone to use a cleaning

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