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Cleaning hardwood flooring can be surprisingly difficult. If you’ve never had wood floors in your home you may be surprised at how easily they can be damaged by various cleaning tools and no one wants to clean on their hands and knees with a bucket of water.

After struggling with cleaning tools that leave your wood floors scratched and ruined, it can be easy to get frustrated. Thankfully, there are so many robotic vacuums out there that work spectacularly on hardwood flooring. These robots will save you the backbreaking work of cleaning wood floors by hand while saving your flooring from scratches. 

In addition, many of these robotic cleaners will actually work on both carpeting and hardwood floors, so by buying one you are investing in a tool capable of cleaning your entire house. A robotic vacuum will make your life so much easier by automatically making your home spotless with no effort on your part. 

And with these robotic vacs, you aren’t confined to buying from a single brand. Countless cleaning product brands out there have begun selling really great robot vacuums. The hardest part is picking which best roomba for wood floor you want.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected

If your house has a lot of tight corners, you’ll love the Neato Botvac D7’s rounded design that allows it to navigate with ease. Neato is a great company with a fantastic line of robotic vacuum cleaners, and this newest addition will not disappoint. 
​Roomba 960

Fans of the original Roomba will go nuts for the Roomba 960. This upgrade of the classic Roomba from iRobot comes with many new features and improvements, including more airpower suction than ever.
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With a huge variety of fantastic features, this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is perfect for a number of floor cleaning needs. With this robotic vacuum, your floors are guaranteed to stay spotless.
EcoVacs Deebot N79S

This robot vacuum from EcoVacs has fantastic advanced cleaning systems that will leave your house spotless. This newest addition to EcoVacs’ line includes 4 different cleaning modes and a 3-stage cleaning system. 
Eufy 11s With Boost IQ

With a sleek, low profile design, this compact robotic vacuum is fantastic for apartment life or a small home. It is small, low to the ground, quiet and will be sure to clean your hardwood floors wonderfully. 
Samsung Powerbot R7070

With this robot vacuum from Samsung, power is the name of the game. The mindblowing powerful suction of this robot is guaranteed to clean up any and all messes. It is a large, heavy duty robot vacuum that will powerfully clean your hardwood floors. 
Aiper Robot Vacuum

If you are on a small budget, this vacuum is surprisingly high quality and has a large amount of features for its low price point. Aiper, a newer company in the cleaning industry, has already made a name for itself for good quality, low cost vacuums. 

Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors


Samsung Powerbot R7070



  • Strong, powerful suction
  • Unique square shape for easy cleaning in corners
  • Self cleaning brush
  • Great for pet hair


  • A little larger than others – won’t fit under low furniture

More about the Samsung Powerbot R7070

The Samsung Powerbot is one of the most competitive robots with the Roomba, the leading brand for robot vacuum cleaners these days. It is a little larger than some of the other brands on the market right now, but super powerful and effective.

Two areas the Samsung vacuum really excels over other models is with hardwood and pet hair. It has great suction power to pick up dirt from hard surfaces, and a self cleaning brush that will automatically untangle hair that gets caught in the bristles.

This model is also compatible with Alexa or Google home – you can easily control it just with simple voice commands.

Roomba 960



  • Will function efficiently on both hardwood floors and carpeting
  • Great navigation technology
  • Smart vacuum that is compatible with Alexa
  • Has 5 times more airpower than any other Roomba


  • Software can sometimes be unstable

This new Roomba 960 from iRobot is the perfect option for pet owners thanks to its amazing suction power that has 5 times more airpower than previous Roomba models. It is absolutely perfect for cleaning up after our furry friends, even those with long hair. See Roomba 980 vs 960

Along with it’s amazing airpower, the robot has a 3-stage cleaning system that is guaranteed to clean your hardwood floors and carpets beautifully. Finally, this Roomba actually allows you to talk directly to it using Alexa. You’ll be able to call commands to your vacuum verbally, completely hands free. 

Neato Botvac D7 Connected


  • Long battery life
  • Works with an app from Neato that makes for easy use
  • Cleaning paths that you can program
  • Rounded D-shaped design that allows it to navigate corners and hard to reach areas


  • Will get stuck on things if floors aren’t free of clutter
  • Instructions can be difficult to understand

The Botvac D7 is the newest in a line of much loved robotic vacuums. Like the Roomba, it works on both hardwood floors and carpeting and will actually navigate itself from hardwood floors to carpeting without getting stuck or caught up. 

This robot vac is the perfect robot for a small home or one with many nooks and crannies that a robot vacuum cleaner could easily get stuck in. Its D-shaped design helps it navigate itself and thanks to the Neato app, you can actually navigate your robot out of a tight situation.

The app also allows you to program paths for your robot vacuum cleaner and even set up “no-go zones” in your house. That way, you can make sure the robot is going where you need it to and staying out of places you don’t want it to go. 


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • Powerful suction
  • Great navigation with intelligent pathfinding
  • Variety of cleaning modes and options


  • Can damage furniture from hard collisions
  • Will not work on carpeting

One of the best things about the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner is it’s incredible navigation technology that will help the robot move about your home with ease. 

Basically, it works by mapping itself an area to clean divided by squares and works to cleaning those mapped squared individually. Its navigation helps it to avoid furniture and anti-fall technology prevent it from falling down staircases.

Among its other great features are four suction settings. These settings include eco, balanced, turbo and max suction.


Best Roomba Alternative

Eufy 11s with Boost IQ



  • Thin vacuum – low clearance capability
  • Quiet operation – can run in the house without disturbing anyone
  • High suction power 


  • Limited navigation ability

More about the Eufy 11s with Boost IQ

The Eufy 11s With Boost IQ is a slim, low-profile robot vacuum cleaner with a compact size and super quiet operation. It works well on hardwoods and tile, as well as low to medium-length carpets.

One of the best features of the The Eufy 11s With Boost IQ is its size. It can navigate around your home easily without getting trapped under low doors and furniture. It’s noiselessness is also a huge benefit – you don’t need to worry about turning on the vacuum during quiet times in the home.

Both of these benefits make the The Eufy 11s With Boost IQ a great robot vacuum cleaner option for homes with pets or small children.

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 Aiper Robot Vacuum



  • Affordable for the high quality and numerous features
  • Gentle hair-collecting brushes are safe to use on hardwoods
  • Strong suction power
  • Awesome warranty and customer service


  • Relatively new company
  • Low battery life – can’t clean a large home on one charge

More about the Aiper Robot Vacuum

The Aiper Robot Vacuum is a relatively new robot vacuum on the market, but it is already gaining a positive reputation as an affordable and high quality option. The one year warranty and 45 day hassle-free return period makes working with a newer company a little more trustworthy.

With very gentle brushes, this Aiper vacuum is great for use on hardwood floors. High suction power compensates for the minimal scrubbing power of the brushes. It is easily capable of cleaning a small to mid-sized room on a single charge, and won’t leave any dust or dirt behind.

Even at the lower price, this brand still has all the amazing technical features of a better known brand – including virtual walls, wifi connectivity and smart navigation. If you are looking for a modern robot vacuum on a tighter budget, the Aiper could be a great option.

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Ecovacs Deebot N79S


  • Powerful suction
  • Multistage cleanings
  • Compatible with a smart home system 


  • Not the best navigation capability

More about the Ecovacs Deebot N79S

This little vacuum from Ecovacs is super powerful and intelligent. It is Ecovacs’ most modern vacuum model, and has all the most recent technology and updates.

This vacuum as a 3 stage cleaning system and 4 different cleaning modes, as well as a Max Mode suction. It works hard to pick up every speck of dirt, hair and grime from your carpets or hardwood. If you have a smart voice controlled home system, such as Alexa or Google Home, you can connect this Ecovac to it. That means you can start, stop and schedule cleanings with only your voice.

This vacuum is designed specifically for use on hard surfaces, like hardwood and tile. It will also work on lower carpets. The biggest downside to the Deebot is its navigation skills – it may have some issues with re-docking on the charger when it is done cleaning.

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How to choose a robot vacuum for hardwood floors?

Historically, vacuums and hardwood floors have not gone well together. Most older vacuum models have deep cleaning brushes with tough bristles that will dig into carpets to pick up dirt – those brushes can cause permanent damage to hardwood.

These days, there are plenty of high-tech, modern vacuums that work on both hardwood and carpet. So you don’t have to put in double the effort to clean up your whole home. Here is everything important you need to consider when shopping for a vacuum to use on your hardwood floors.

Battery Life

The earliest models of robot vacuums had such short battery life, they were almost not worth the money. These days, vacuums last a lot longer – up to 2 or 3 hours, in some of the most modern models.

Not only that, but most recent robot vacuums are capable of automatically docking themselves on the charger once their battery runs out, and then continuing to clean where they left off once they are fully charged. As a general rule, the newer your vacuum is, the better the battery life will be.

Noise Levels

They may be small, but you could be shocked by the amount of noise some robot vacuums make. To avoid disturbing your household – especially if you have pets or young kids – keep an eye out for a vacuum that operates quietly. 

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Most robot vacuums are round, but some are D-shaped, with square corners on one side, so that they can clean deep into corners. If you have a house with a lot of tight corner spaces, you may want to consider a D-shaped robot vacuum.

Sensitivity Level of the Sensors

Another important factor to consider is how sensitive the sensors of your robot vacuum are. Older models have sensors that are less effective – they will run into furniture and obstacles as they are cleaning, causing a lot of mess and noise.

Make sure you pick out a modern robot vacuum with accurate, sensitive sensors for the most effective and quiet cleaning.

Cleaning Functions

Even with all those smart features, we can’t ignore the most important factor of any vacuum – how well it cleans. You will want to pick out a robot vacuum with multiple diverse cleaning abilities. Multistage cleaning, for example, is a great feature that helps the vacuum to provide the best spotless clean on wet or dry messes. 

It is important to also look at the brushes of your robot vacuum. You want them to be effective, but not too tough, so that the vacuum is safe for use on hardwood floor. 

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Smart Features Included

Like a lot of modern technology these days, some smart vacuums are wifi enabled. That allows them to connect to a compatible app, so that you can start, stop and schedule the vacuum through your smartphone or tablet. Wifi connectivity also allows the vacuum to connect to a voice-controlled home system like Alexa. That way, you can start the vacuum with just your voice.

Types of robot vacuums

There is more than just one type of robot cleaner – here are a few of the most popular options you will see on the market today. 

  • Robot Vacuums: These are standard robot vacuums, such as a Roomba or Samsung Powerbot. All of the options reviewed on the list above are robot vacuums.
  • Robotic Mops: Robotic mops are made to clean off tile and hardwood floors. They come with an onboard water tank and mop pads, but do not have suction power.
  • Hybrid – Robotic Vacuums Combined with Mops: Looking for the best of both worlds? Some robotic cleaners out there have both vacuum and mop settings. These may be a little bulkier and more expensive, but worth it for the versatile cleaning power.

Maintenance Tips To Get the Most Out of It

While robot vacuums are a little easier than cleaning with a traditional method, it is still important to take good care of them, if you want continued, effective use. Here are some great tips and tricks.

Emptying the dustbin

Make sure you empty the vacuum’s dustbin after every cleaning for the best performance.

Preparing Your Vacuum

There is a little prep work involved in using your robot vacuum. For it to operate properly, you will need to remove any obstacles from its path. The first thing you will want to do is move any wires or cables out of the way. Pick up any unnecessary obstacles like books or ties. If you have pets or kids in the house, make sure everyone is out of the way of the vacuum before it starts cleaning.

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Keep parts clear (eg. brushes)

Every once in a while, you will need to manually untangle hair or dust clumps from the brushes and wheels of your robot vacuum.

Final Verdict

A robot vacuum can make a huge difference in your home. They make cleaning easy, effective and efficient. The best robot vacuum for you will have all of the great features described above at an affordable price. Once you have made your choice, you are on your way to a cleaner, more efficient home. 

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